Evidence: CCP Paid for the Illegal Lobbying of the Deportation of the CCP Exterminator Miles Guo

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According to legal documents (Case No. 18-cv-2185) recently released by the United States District Court, S.D. New York, the plot to frame Mr. Miles Guo and to facilitate his deportation back to the People’s Republic of China was a “strategy” that would have resulted in the death of Mr. Miles Guo. Two attorneys representing STRATEGIC VISION US LLC, refused to disclose who paid for this lawsuit, and on November 13, they formally submitted their reply to the Southern District Court in an attempt to continue to conceal the name of the sponsor who paid for this law suit, and their answers are as follows:

⦁ Who paid for the litigation is irrelevant to this case.
⦁ Even if there is a connection, the value of that connection is so small that it would not affect the case.
⦁ Under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, independent third-party contributors are not admissible as evidence in court.

Why did STRATEGIC VISION US LLC, a discredited shell company, received funding from unknown sources after being sued by EASTERN PROFIT CORPORATION? While claiming that it would never do business with anyone affiliated with the CCP, STRATEGIC VISION US LLC is reluctant to answer the question “who paid for the lawsuit” but unable to deny that the funding was not from the CCP! They are going so far as to repeatedly file legal documents in court and even shamelessly invoke the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as a cover!

U.S. Department of Justice documents show that Elliott Broidy and Nickie Lum Davis have pleaded guilty in October and August of this year in violating foreign lobbying laws by participating in a covert operation to influence the government on behalf of Chinese and Malaysian (Jho Low, identified as foreign agent) interests.

In previous case, under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, enacted by the U.S. legislature in 1938, several Canadian films were classified as “political propaganda films” in light of the Meese v. Keene decision. As a consequence the sponsors of these films had to be disclosed.

In this case, legal documents have identified Mr. Miles Guo as a dissident who has received death threats from the CCP for years and he is declared by the Chinese Communist Party as their No. 1 enemy. How can they say this law suit had nothing to do with political persecution by the CCP? We feel strongly that the identity of the sponsor who funded this law suit must be disclosed.

While the Southern District Court of New York has puzzled many in a number of recent judicial operations, we shall find out how it makes its rulings in the face of obvious right and wrong?

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