CCP Virus Pandemic-text EP295

1. Closed-Door Policy: Under the pretext of controlling the pandemic, the CCP imposed strict travel restriction on Chinese citizens for the entry and exit, and resitrict them traveling abroad and visiting relatives. One reason of doing that is to limit foreign exchange outflows; another reason is, the CCP fears that the Chinese people get to know the truth which reveals its fake news propaganda during their stay abroad.

2. The CCP regime is corrupt. The Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision announced the investigations of six director- level officers in two minutes.  Since March 2020, there were 22 officers had been arrested from the provincial Civil Air Defense System.

3. As the food shortage became urgent, the CCP has continuously issued documents emphasizing the establishment of a food security system.

4. The CCP will cancel a senior citizens’ welfare policy that entitled them having free bus services before.

5. The outbreak of the coronavirus occurred in both Jinan and Lanzhou. The CCP blamed the outbreak on imported food again.

6. The Communist China is experiencing severe economic downturn. Zunyi HSR New Town has become a ghost town with no visitors there.

7. Hong Kong government prohibited HK Journalists Association’s march activities on Sunday.

8. (11/13 Peter Navarro, Mornings with Maria) The underlying principle is that American capital should not be used to finance Chinese militarization, particularly weapons that are gonna be used to kill Americans. 

Now we have 31 companies in there, but there’s also over 100 subsidiaries, they’re traded on the Chinese exchanges as well as our own exchanges, in which you have, for example, is AVIC… they make the Chengdu J-20 fighter, for example, which is based on stolen designs from the Pentagon. So, what the President has done, which has been in the tradition of his presidency, is to crack down the heart on China. In this case, what we’re tackling are these Chinese companies that mean to do America harm.

9. (11/12 Jack Maxey) And one of the audiences alerted me with this article. It’s titled “Chinese Technology in Voting Machines Seen as Emerging Threat”,   Bloomberg, Jan. 9, 2020.

And all of the major voting machine vendors, Hart InterCivic, Dominion Voting Systems and Election Systems & Software told the House they can’t avoid having Chinese technology in all of their systems, this means chips, etc. and so we’ve talked a lot about, over the last year… Steve and I have been talking about a decade the supply chain risk that we have, and the very idea, critical components inside of our voting machines are coming from Communist China and no one’s talking about it, no one.

10.  (11/14 Miles Guo) Did you see what our brother Lin Wood said? It was simple. The CCP manipulated U.S. election through software. This is the first of their great crimes.

Secondly, they sent coronavirus to Americans and killed Americans.

Thirdly, long-term theft of U.S. technologies and jobs.

That’s why I said the moment that the CCP opens Pandora’s Box, the coronavirus they created, their days are numbered.

After coronavirus, they came back with election interference, which angered the majority in the U.S.

Whether Republicans or Democrats, in the end, everyone knows the evil force behind this election is the CCP.

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