A Review of Former HNA Co-chairman Wang Jian’s Murder in 2017

On July 3, 2018, a Chinese entrepreneur and billionaire named Wang Jian died at a secluded back alley of a local church in Bonnieux, Provence, France. Wang was co-founder and co-chairman of Hainan Airlines and the affiliated conglomerate HNA Group. With Wang’s management and business conducts, HNA expanded 200,000 times of its original scale within 3 to 4 years, and became the world’s 170th largest company by revenue in 2017. According to the CCP news outlets, Wang was badly injured by an “likely accidental” fall off a 12m cliff at the back of the church while he went sightseeing with his family and climbed onto the low wall to take a picture. Later he died at a local hospital after telling the doctor his foot hurt badly. 

After some in-depth and secret investigations, on Nov. 20, 2018, Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Steve K. Bannon held a press conference at Pierre Hotel in New York, releasing the truth of Wang Jian’s abnormal death. According to Mr. Guo, a large amount of evidence showed that Wang was murdered by the CCP leadership, because he was an insider and “white glove” that was deeply involved in and controlled the secrets of the CCP criminal deals. 

In November and December of 2019, Mr. Guo released some image and document evidence about Wang’s murder. 

On Nov. 20, 2020, Mr. Guo released more evidence on this case during livestream on GTV. 

From the images we can see that Wang was poisoned and, to some extent, tortured before he died. It was obvious that falling off a 12m wall wasn’t the direct reason of his death. According to Mr. Guo, these images merely show the tip of an iceberg. Wang Jian’s death is a complicated and vicious story connected to a tremendous amount of wealth and a series of assassination. Mr. Guo says, Wang was quite capable in capital operation. He founded HNA and Bohai Capital Holding Co.,Ltd., served as a “white glove” for Wang Qishan and other CCP cadres and their families, and accumulated significant wealth for himself. He knew too much about the secrets of the CCP. If he hadn’t died, his counterparts in the CCP gang would have been disappeared before him, which means first Dong Hong (close friend and assistant to Wang Qishan, now arrested), second Chen Feng (co-founder and co-chairman of HNA, another “white glove”), then possibly Wang Qishan. 

Right after Wang’s death in France, all factions in the CCP started a “treasure hunt” for his wealth. Several persons already died from it. Besides, people from France, Hong Kong, the U.S., as well as his family, are all searching for his treasure map. For example, Wang had a project in Henan Province, China. Since his decease, numerous “brother in laws” of his showed up bringing “legal documents and Wang’s will” to claim the project under a CCP leader’s instruction. Wang had 7000 such projects around China. 

People may wonder why the CCP has so much money and what do these projects have to do with the Chinese people? Wang Jian’s case explains it in a way. 

According to Mr. Guo, an investigator of Wang’s case said, if the content in Wang’s cell phone was revealed, all the CCP officials of Hainan Province government, the CCP Civil Aviation System, the CCP Financial System, as well as the local governments cooperating with HNA would be “eaten” by the furious Chinese people. For example, Wang managed a real estate project in Shanxi Province. A CCP cadre’s illegitimate daughter was involved. From planning to acquiring the land to construction, a dozen of the CCP Standing Committee members and Politburo members, Shanxi local Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Procurator-General, chief of the Court, Director of Public Security…all had a share of the project. The real estate company registered many subsidiaries, generated 600% of its real equity and granted equity to every one of them. With fake documents and inside “guanxi” (“relationship” with the CCP leaders), every shareholder got money from the bank, the blood money of the Chinese people. Even if the houses were sold 10 times of the market price, the debts weren’t be paid off. Here we are talking about billions of dollars. For example, a bank in Baotou City issued a loan of 10 billion RMB. Some credit union in Shanxi issued 20 billion RMB. One manager from People’s Bank of China coordinated issuing a 80-billion RMB (about 121.9 billion USD) bill for the project. Before the construction even started, 100 billion loan was taken away. Only about 10% of the money was used on the project, the rest 90% was stolen. The beneficiaries of HNA, Guan Jun, Sun Yao, Liu Chengjie…allegedly illegitimate children of Wang Qishan and other CCP cadres, were part of it. No one knows how much money they’ve stolen from the deplorables. There were some other people who came with contracts of material supplies, elevators, air conditioning systems…the same operation. Wang Jian managed such projects around China. He was like family to the CCP cadres and knew them for decades. He controlled their secrets. He was too rich. He was aware of his tragic end. That’s why he left a video of this information in his cellphone. Those who participated in Wang’s murder, particularly shown in the evidence above, will be or have already been disappeared too. 

Anyone who collaborates with the CCP will be finished. It’s only a matter of when and how. It’s not about any specific person. It’s the evil CCP system that destroys the good human nature and overturns the peace and happiness of the world. The only way to save every one from the disaster in this unprecedented moment is to take down the CCP and end its evil infiltration into the democracies. The justice forces have to fight back! 

Chinese elites disappeared or controlled by the CCP
Chinese elites disappeared or controlled by the CCP

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Nov. 21, 2020