War Room: Pandemic Ep 525 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Bannon: It is the platform for the voice of the deplorable. That’s why they want to kill it. They broke rules to create illegal votes in large scale. But President’s overwhelming victory with too many votes had pushed them to attempt more horrendous fraud.

People have roles in their areas of expertise. Then all the sudden become major players. You see this in the revolution, you see this in the civil war, you see the world. You’re seeing it now. This was the fourth turning, the cyclical nature of American history. Lin Wood reminds you our founders. He’s a winner, he wins tough cases.

last night he posted on Facebook on Twitter: I Pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to this fight.  

What we have is a global network of patriots, these people to the sovereignty of their countries. That’s what this fights about. The overall architecture of it is the “great reset”, that party Davos, the economic system that’s international post war rules. We want rules, we don’t want anarchy, the patriots in the sovereignty movement. But we wanted at a nation state level, not to be absorbed up into some sort of network effect, that’s driven by the Chinese Communist Party in the business model of slavery.

Attorney Lin wood:  Lawsuit in Georgia against State Secretary Raffensperger remains alive and well, may escalate to SCOTUS. There has to be a criminal investigation to determine who received $ when Dominion Voting Systems sold voting machines to Georgia in 2019.

Georgia GOP leadership is corrupt, was in on the Dem steal either wittingly or unwittingly.

There’s a lot of fraud in Georgia in connection with this election, and I believe in time every lies gonna be revealed and the public is going to know that the election in Georgia was an absolute unlawful election and was a fraud.

there’re three or four different ways to approach what I think is the ultimate objective. The key is December 14, this day is in stone and the founding fathers had the wisdom. Do our presidential election by electors and the electoral college, that’s where this decision is going to be rendered.

The facts don’t lie, the media lies, and the democratic party and the people that are trying to overthrow our government lies. This is a fundamental choice America will make:

You want to live free or you want to live on tyranny?

We worked long hours to try to raise bail money for Kyle Rittenhouse, posted $2M cash.

He’s out of jail for the first time since August 25. It can be described as a miracle, an act of God, but undertaken by thousands of patriots who knew he acted in self defense.

He will be exonerated; you can’t get around the video. The video camera eye doesn’t lie.

Jack Maxey bringing Vincent from Switzerland. We always talk about human agency, action and how history often turns on the behavior of a single individual or small group of individuals. Vincent is one of these guys.

He was watching the election on election night he went to bed thinking that you know this thing was all locked up and he woke up the next morning and he witnessed the finesse and he started asking some questions at a very basic level as a curious person. Looking, digging, finding things and he contacted people in the GOP and some media personalities and nobody was really paying attention till he got out to western Pennsylvania and he got hold of data pool and then he got some specific data sets for Washington PA and for district 45, which allowed him to actually go back and compare against the official voter rolls. now this is the only real complete data set for a specific region. What he found was shocking:

We’re looking at a multi-layered problem.

The scheme is that a voter orders a ballot for themselves using a different name, duplicating the vote and overriding the ballot by the proper resident.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!

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