A review of Mr. Miles Guo’s press briefing on ‘the death of Wang Jian and the Truth behind HNA Group’ two years ago

Author: Dezhou ruiqiu; Reviewer: Wencheng

Two years ago, Nov. 20th, 2018 was a big day for whistleblower movement. Mr. Miles Guo hosted a press briefing, which name was “The death of Wang Jian and the Truth behind HNA Group” in New York. Mr. Steve Bannon also participated and gave a short speech to support. In the press briefing, Mr. Miles Guo announced the suspects in the investigation of the death of Wang Jian, the head of HNA.

According to CCP media reports, on July 3rd, 2018, Wang Jian was in Provence in southern France. In order to take pictures, he climbed to a 15 meters height; but fell down and died accidentally. However, Mr. Miles Guo reported his investigation team’s findings briefly against the “accidental death” conclusion by the France local police.

Mr. Miles Guo said that his investigation team obtained relevant videos of 20 hours before Wang Jian’s death. There were several suspects of Wang Jian’s death. First of all, At the scene of the incident, only two of his three bodyguards were present, and the other was missing. The missing bodyguard’s name is Sun Jinghao, whom was also a Wang Qishan’s bodyguard. Secondly, the first witness, a restaurant owner, found needles and acupuncture needles on the ground at the scene. And, the witness said Wang Jian was alive when he arrived there. Lastly, Wang Jian was not transported to a nearby hospital, but to a morgue two hours away from the scene of the incident. Meanwhile, the Chinese consulate personnel in France fully intervened in the investigation of this incident. The local police warned local people not to disclose what they saw; and even many surveillance video data of the first scene were deleted. All of those suspects indicated that Wang Jian’s death was not an ordinary accident. Given that Wang Jian’s wife and son are both US citizens, and Wang jian held a US green card; Mr. Miles Guo suggested that the US FBI conduct a full investigation of the case.

Mr. Miles Guo pointed out that The Financial Times reported the true shareholders of HNA Group and its business structure; and then Mr. Miles Guo analyzed the real reason behind Wang Jian’s death. The HNA Group changed from state-owned to private, and from private to controlled by Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie, who later transferred their equity to the Cihang Fund based in New York. During the whole process, Wang Jian was the most critical insider. Mr. Guo said that Wang Jian knew too much information about the interconnection between Wang Qishan and HNA Group, which made Wang Jian “must” die.

More importantly, during the press briefing, Miles Guo announced that he would donate $100 million US dollars to start a legal fund, called “Rule of Law Foundation”, to help mainland Chinese people who have been persecuted by the CCP. Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Steve Bannon are dedicating to taking down the CCP, telling the truth to the whole world, and fighting for the Chinese people’s democracy and freedom.

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