Why the CCP Should Be Eliminated

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This world we’re living in is safe no more because of the Chinese Communist Party – the CCP.

The coronavirus has killed more than a million people around the world and yet many countries are still experiencing the second wave, not to mention the tremendous damage to the global economy. As many scientific pieces of evidence laid out by various scientists and medical professionals show (Link), the coronavirus is not from nature. According to Dr. Li- Meng Yan, a well-trained researcher with both MD and Ph.D. and previously working as a senior virologist at the P3 level biology laboratory in Hong Kong (Yan’s team in this lab has world-leading coronavirus research, it is also a WHO reference lab Link) that this coronavirus is deliberately engineered in a Wuhan lab (another world-leading lab in China and rated as a higher P4 level, it has military resource/background), and spread intentionally to the world by the CCP. (Link)

Many pieces of evidence and proofs point to the fact that the CCP has attacked the world with this delicate bio-weapon. But there are two questions still baffling the world: why CCP does that, and why nobody in politics or media talk about this? The answer is quite self-revealing if you dig a little bit more about the CCP and find out its infamous yet effective BGY strategy.

A brief introduction about the CCP’s ruthless history

  • 1949 – The People’s Republic of China (PRC) founded

The CCP stole the victory over Nazi Japan during WWII from then the government lead by the KMT (Kuomintang, China Nationals’ Party). Without election or any rivaling parties, CCP has ruled the country since then.

  • 1958-1960 The Great Leap Forward and Famine

In the propaganda of “catching up with Britain and taking over America”, the whole nation including the farmers concentrated on steelmaking, and agriculture was abandoned. The movement had eventually resulted in 40million deaths by famine over the next three years because of the lack of harvest.

  • 1962-1966 Socialist Education Movement

It’s also known as the Four Cleanups Movement, another painful process that was initiated by Mao Zedong. For many ordinary people, the inherited or hard-earned properties and valuable assets were confiscated overnight. Chinese researchers have pointed out that this movement killed at least 77,560 people with 5,327,350 people being persecuted.

  • 1966-1976 The Cultural Revolution

The bloodiest decade-long Cultural Revolution launched by Mao Zedong marked Mao’s return to the central position of power after a period of political struggle in the CCP Politburo leadership. The Revolution caused political and social chaos, According to some Historians, the Cultural Revolution brutally killed somewhere between 500,000 and two million lives.

  • 1979-2015 One Child policy

The world’s most extreme population planning. The estimated 400 million births have averted since the policy was instituted. The numerous forced abortions of children by the CCP were strongly caused great trauma to the whole Chinese generation.

  • 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre

The protests were college students-led peaceful demonstrations calling for democracy, free speech, and free press in China. The students went on hunger strike for several days and were halted in a bloody crackdown by 250,000 troops deployed by the CCP, took at least 10,000 peaceful protestant lives on 4th of June night.

  • 1999 Falun Gong persecution and organ harvesting

Falun Gong combines meditation and Qigong exercises with moral philosophy. The practice was initially permitted by the CCP but later in 1999, Falun Gong was declared as a “heretical organization” by the CCP over the concern of its growing size and power. As of 2009, human rights groups estimated that at least 2000 practitioners had died as a result of abuse in custody. It’s also reported that Falun Gong practitioners are victims of the CCP’s forced organ harvesting.

  • Xinjiang Re-education camp

The CCP is locking up hundreds of thousands of Uighur (the Muslim minority in China) without trial in Xinjiang.

  • 2019 Hong Kong protests

The protests started in June 2019 when the extradition law was imposed by the CCP. Concerns over the erosion of freedom led people to protest on the street. By far allegedly 20,000 people have been killed by the CCP army and police.

Strategies and schemes implemented by the CCP to expand its power and influence


Since Xi Jinping took power in 2013, CCP’s doubled its budget on propaganda, in the year of 2019 alone, they spent £7 billion on global propaganda. Here is an example of how the system works. Christophe Gowan’s report published in the Guardian titled “Inside China’s audacious global propaganda campaign” on the 7th of Dec 2018, saying ” Beijing is buying up media outlets and training scores of foreign journalists to ‘tell China’s story well’.” He also reported that the recruitment team for a new London hub of China’s state-run broadcaster, had received almost 6000 applications for 90 jobs “reporting the news from a Chinese perspective”, many similar organizations have been established over the past decade or so. Consequently, we hear what we are hearing today, rarely any negative news about China.

Aim –

3F: Fail, Frail, Fall. The CCP is aiming to weaken, destroy, and kill America and ultimately dominate the world.

Strategy –


B for blue symbolizes media and IT according to CCP. This symbolizes blue (B) is interpreted as controlling the media, internet, and propaganda, collecting intellectual property.

G for gold, the CCP slaves out large amounts of money from hard-working Chinese people and spends it on bribing the world leaders, ministers, politicians, and whoever the CCP will benefit from as an exchange.

Y for yellow, the color that is associated with pornography in China. The CCP deploys trained spies to approach targeted people and offers sexual bribery.

BGY is often seen to be implemented as a combined strategy.


Just recently, several hard drives from Hunter Biden’s laptops have been handed into president Trump’s office, vast amounts of videos, emails, and documents have shown that the Biden’s family were bribed by the CCP, and the former vice president Joe Biden is corrupted and compromised. Interestingly, the director of the FBI who obtained copies of the hard drives before president Trump had covered it up for Biden’s family. These are solid evidence showing that the CCP’s BGY scheme has been working very well. Doesn’t it make us wonder how many more high-level officials in different countries have been kowtowing to the CCP? Without a doubt, the whistleblower movement will expose more corruption cases in the future.

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