Rudy Giuliani: What is America if we don’t have a free and fair right to vote, not a democracy anymore

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Rudy Giuliani Common Sense on 12 Nov. 2020: I got a case here. You know I think like a prosecutor. I got a case here, but there’s a lot more than a case here. Here’s our democracy at stake. What is America if we don’t have a free and fair right to vote, not a democracy anymore. These recent democrats are moving very very fast towards socialism and socialism always breeds authoritarianism. You can see it in the dictates that they’re giving almost a way in which they’re enjoying telling you ”you can’t have thanksgiving in if you don’t wear a mask”.  They’re going to line you up in the firing squad. You know treating a mask violation one way and the district attorney of Philadelphia lets a robber go free but a mask guy. Oh, boy! 

There’s always the emergence of dictatorial attitude and spirit in a communist society in a socialist society that’s a Freudian slip, but we’re getting there , we’re moving toward communism. And the first thing they do is undermine the right to vote. I’m gonna leave you with a thought a company that participated in the undermining of the vote Smartmatic which is a Venezuelan company built to cheat for Chavez Maduro, the chairman of the board with a close friend and business partner, his name is lord Malik Brown , very very distinguished name lord Malik Brown and he is a very close business partner, and he is involved as the number two person in George Soros’s biggest organization. George Soros the biggest contributor to the Democratic Party, the biggest contributor to the ‘Black Lives Matter ‘and the biggest contributor ‘Antifa’.

Too many coincidences here , ladies and gentlemen . Too many what I’m telling you is exceedingly dangerous to the survival of our democracy democrats over the last four years have trashed our constitution so badly and because the press just covers up what they do. They’re destroying our rights, we’ve got to make a stand here: I don’t care how much they intimidate us , I don’t care how much they threaten us. I don’t care if they say we can’t get jobs and we’re going to lose our reputation and this is about our country, ladies and gentlemen. It’s about the survival of the greater democracy on earth. What they’re done to it is outrageous, these people are criminals they are worse than a lot of the criminals I’ve prosecuted before and they are a lot worse than the common criminals that we put in jail or we let out of jail. 

These people are trying to take away from us, rights that were given us by god. We’ll not let them do it, we’re going to fight and we’re going to fight again , and we’re going to continue fight because we have ultimate faith that much higher authority is looking over all this country. It’s guided us forever and we have great faith and we’re not going to have our sacred right to vote taken away from us because that’s what’s at stake here. So stay tuned because this battle has just begun. We are going to prevail. Thank you and god bless you and god bless America.  

Reference: Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense 
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