The source of CCP virus, why the virus is man-made, the episode of S protein

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In January 2020, the CCP virus (coronavirus) first broke out in Wuhan City, China. In just 11 months, it had caused 55.6 million (0.71% of the global population) people infected and 1.34 million (0.02% of the global population) people died. It has caused 11.8 million (3.6% of the US population) people infected and 252,000 people died (0.08% of the US population) in America. Because the number of infected people is counted according to the severity of illness, the actual number should be much higher than the number shown above in some countries。

Before the world was aware of it, Lude Media issued an early warning for the world on the January 19th , 2020 live stream which warned everyone that this is a “global pandemic” virus that will spread on a large scale. Dr. Yan, the hero who provided early warning information about the virus, then issued two public reports on the CCP virus, indicating the source of the virus to the world.

The report pointed out that part of the role of the S protein in the virus is to determine the host type of the virus, such as infecting humans or infecting bats or pangolins. The infected target is determined by the S protein. S protein is divided into two parts, S1 and S2. The S1 part determines the target the virus likes. Infecting humans requires hACE2 which likes fusing with humans, and infecting bats requires hACE2 which likes fusing with bats. The difference in S1 determines the virus can infect humans or other animals. The function of S2 is to maintain the structure of the trimer so that the virus can enter the cell more easily. In general, S2 determines the strength of the virus structure.

If you want to make “easy to use” and “difficult to eliminate” viruses that are “targeted at humans”, you need to synthesize a useful S protein, including “sturdy S2” and “S1 easy for human infection.” Dr. Yan wrote in the report that the genetic sequences of CCP virus and bat virus and SARS virus were compared, and the S protein S2 sequence of CCP virus was 95% similar to that of ZC45/ZXC21 (bat virus). The part (RBM: fragment of about 70 amino acids) responsible for human infection in the S1 sequence is basically similar to the counterpart of the SARS virus.

This change can be explained that the bat virus has the function of infecting people as the SARS virus can that the SARS virus has a strong and tenacious structure like a bat virus. If CCP explains that it is a natural evolution, and the probability of evolution is one in a billion, then it is 99999999.99% probability of man-made. Because no matter how to transfer from bat to CCP virus, or from SARS to CCP virus, there is no record of transition virus like that. As if “someone” snapped his fingers, the CCP virus appeared. This change is extremely abnormal.

This article hopes that more people can get to know the source of the virus. The truth is in the report of Dr. Limeng Yan bravely stand up to save the world. She is also the hero of the Whistleblower Movement.

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The 2nd Yan Report

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