CCP Virus Pandemic Updates EP 294

1. The CCP’s Foreign Ministry congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris even though they didn’t win the election. The CCP and its international media jointly made fake news in an attempt to influence the results of the US election by means of news propaganda.

2. The United States rejected ByteDance’s request to extend its operation for another 30 days, however, a 15-day extension was granted until the 27th. Based on the national security concerns, the US government previously enforced the ban on TikTok, which was originally scheduled to take effect on the 12th.

3. Pompeo said: “Taiwan has not been a part of China”.

4. The outbreak in Shanghai has caused a large number of citizens to take nucleic acid testing.

5. The CCP’s economic recession was severe, and nearly half of the stores located in Wanda Plaza (Central Plains Road) in Zhengzhou were closed.

6. After the election, Trump issued an administrative order for the first time to prohibit the US investors from investing in companies with a Chinese military background. 31 companies including China Telecom, China Mobile, and Hikvision are on the list.

7. The last British governor of Hong Kong, Christopher Patten, said that Hong Kong was once one of the freest cities in the world and a great Asian financial hub; the Communist Party has undermined Hong Kong’s autonomy and also dismantled its rule of law and judicial independence. Patten also called on Western societies to jointly fight against the CCP.

8. (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, with Lou Dobbs Tonight, 11/11) In Pennsylvania we filed our suit yesterday where we have a schedule with the federal judge now to give him our briefs.

We hope to have a hearing as soon as possible.  Will have to figure out if we want to call all of our 50 witnesses or some of our 50 witnesses.  I can assure you we have affidavits galore. What’s being said in the mass media that we have no evidence is a complete absolute lie, just like they’ve been lying for years. And we’re ready to go. I mean, we could go to trial tomorrow.  

9. (Arizona veteran, with Real America’s Voice contributor Ben Bergquam, 11/11)

For decades socialistic countries have wanted to take America down and they did it from within. We now have socialists within our government, in our House of Representatives, and true Americans, Republican or Democrat, shouldn’t stand for it. If you can’t uphold the Constitution… if your agenda is to destroy that Constitution, you don’t belong here.

 10.  (11/11) Lately I’ve put efforts on the next stage of the Whistleblower Movement to wake people up all over China and let them see the CCP for what it is. This is more important than anything else. Only after everyone in China has stood up, will we be able to take down the CCP. In the end, it’s definitely up to the forces inside the CCP and enlightened Chinese people to take down the CCP.

If the Chinese people are not awake, we will still end up in chaos after the CCP perishes.To take down the CCP with America and from within the CCP, we’re all set and ready to go. The core of our work now is to have all people across the world to take down the CCP.

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