Unmask the disguise of Dominion voting system:CCP uses the Peking University Founder Group to manipulate the U.S. election

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What is the Dominion voting system?

When you search for “Dominion voting system” with the so-called free and authentic search engines Google, or with Facebook, Twitter and mainstream social platforms, all that appears at your sight is almost all the articles or videos trying to justify its innocence. And when you open the so-called mainstream media, what you see is almost unanimous support, justification, and maintenance for this voting system. Is this voting system really so pure and innocent? All the media and technology giants love the Dominion voting system so much that don’t question and ridicule it, Is it a saint?

If only one voice is allowed to exist, then the only voice that exists is basically a lie. —— Plato

This ancient saying has been through thousands of years, but it still shines brightly. No matter how modern political books advertise and whitewash the freedom and justice of the media, they have always served capital and power from the moment it was born. Conscience is always struggling to survive between the two.

In a democratic country, the media serves the capital, and behind the capital are the political parties that support it. Therefore, the same political event may appear in front of the public with various statements. Not to mention the nuclear bomb-level incident of the US election fraud. Don’t ignore there are at least 70 million supporters which includes many news media supporting President Trump. But why are the mainstream media publishing articles and comments in front of the public almost in the same patterned way? What kind of power is behind Google, Twitter, and Facebook that could make them drop off their hypocritical masks and kneel down licking?

When we opened the official website of the Dominion voting system, what we saw was a statement issued on November 17th, which denied the various queries raised by President Trump’s legal team after investigations. In the fifth statement, they admitted that in 2010, from the American private company Sequoia they purchased some assets.

The actual controller of Sequoia Capital is the CCP.

Mr. Guo in his live video with Silicon Valley Farms in August clearly pointed out that the actual master of Sequoia Capital is Neil Shen. Mr. Guo broke the news that day: In front of Neil Shen, all Silicon Valley bigwigs must be respectful, and Zuckerberg is like a dog without dignity in front of him. Neil Shen is the true godfather of the internet world! Coupled with the nearly unanimous licking of the voting system by the technology giants and the media, it is not difficult to tell behind the voting system is Sequoia Capital.

And behind Sequoia Capital is the thief gang of the Chinese Communist Party!

So how does  Dominion voting system achieve the falsification of American vote data under the eyes of the whole world?

On Nov.19, Mr. Guo in his live broadcast pointed out that Peking University Founder Group( PUFG) was the true technical source of the voting system. Let us once again focus on PUFG .

Peking University Founder Group has been playing a very important role in Mr. Guo’s entire history of Whistleblower movement and he began to expose the PUFG in 2017. Therefore, the CCP seized a lot of Mr. Guo’s assets which can be seen as a very strong threat. According to the Chinese Communist Party’s official statement, If PUFG is an excellent non-governmental technology enterprise, Why the Chinese Communist Party, such an evil organization that is profit-only, so aggressive? It shows that this company holds the CCP’s huge secrets and extremely evil plans.

Mr. Guo pointed out in the revelation:

“Peking University Founder Technology has all the Chinese text source codes of all mankind. No to exaggerate, as long as people use Chinese characters anywhere in the world, they can obtain this information in China .There are hundreds of millions of encrypted messages in every word in all the documents of the Central Office of the Communist Party of China, but I tell you, that’s shit! Because the current technology is too easy to get your files and information. Strictly speaking, Zhongnanhai is the least secret place in China, and China’s Ministry of Security and the Second Intelligence Department are the least secure and least intelligence places, because the vast majority of party members in China hate it.”

What does it mean when master the Chinese text source code?

This means that the CCP can grasp all the information if software or operating systems using Chinese,  and even tamper with the data at any time. As long as there is an Internet, all people of every race in the world who use Chinese are always under surveillance. No matter whether your communication is encrypted or not, the CCP can get it at any time. Not only communications, but even financial markets, the CCP can use Peking University Founder’s technology to manipulate it. That’s why Hong Kong’s fake rolling pin financial market is still upright! Although the financial industry on which Hong Kong relies is facing a huge impact of the mass demonstrations and the pandemic. Because it’s all fake! All financial trading platforms of the Communist Party come from PUFG!

When we‘re looking back the CCP’s architectural art projects and gene maps revealed by Lude in the past, are you in a cold sweat? When CCP can’t lift up the people they want to support to the top position of a democratic country with their economic support of the whole country, will they use this traceless ballot fraud system helping run the election? Now the world is enveloped by the CCP virus, but no head of state dares to stand up and expose the truth. Does it mean that these politicians who got their position, used to be supported by the Chinese Communist Party? European heads of state such as Macron, Merkel, and Johnson are now collectively silent. They are still knee down licking the CCP. How much does this have to do with ballot fraud?

In the deepest night darkness before the light, everyone is feeling the suffocation of being shrouded in darkness. But darkness comes not because how fragile the light is, but because too few people dare to raise the flame of truth. Everyone is avoiding.

Now, under the guidance of God, the New Federal State of China has taken over the profound task of spreading the fire of truth. Each of us carries an important mission. I believe when the fire of truth spreads all over the world, it will eventually dispel all darkness.

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