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1. Attorney Sidney Powell said in her speech today that more and more inside stories are being exposed because of the huge impact of CCP funds. This includes the Dominion voting system, Smartmatic software, and other software used in the voting system. Not only the Dominion voting system, they are all developed in Venezuela followed   Chavez’s instructions to ensure that he would never lose the election. We have a very powerful witness who explained all the principles of this software.

This video delivers two points: First is President Trump will definitely win. It also clearly points out that many people involved in threat the US election or attempt to subvert the election of President Trump will be brought to justice. Second , the most important creation company for cheating software in the general election is Peking University Founder. At the beginning of 2020, Mr. Guo mentioned that many people have not yet understood why he revealed the significance of Peking University and Peking University Founder. Peking University Founder’s source codes not only control the general election cheating software, but the most important thing is that they can also control the financial market (all numbers related to the source code can be modified). This is the key point.

2. Miles Guo mentioned in the live video about reporting safety live broadcast on May 13, 2017 that Li You came forward to intercede with the project, and the local provincial party secretary and governor would honor him. Li You still has tens of thousands of mou (Chinese unit of land measurement, 0.165 acre, or 666.5 square meters) of land resources and various projects across the country. Li You’s Founder Technology is cooperating with the Ministry of National Security and the General Office of the CCP Central Committee. All the documents entered by the General Office of the CCP Central Committee are composed of many passwords. The core secret of any country is the source codes of the text used on the Internet, and missile launches rely on the source code. With controlling the source codes, no matter where you are in the world ,CCP can control it in China as long as you use the Internet to click a word.

Because this is the electronic typesetting made by Mr. Wang Xuan, Founder of Peking University, and the digitization of Chinese characters, otherwise it will be taken away by the West. This is a great contribution. It has also become all the information that using the language codes in the world, which comes from Founder Technology. So they have a huge cooperative relationship with the Intelligence Department and General Office of the CCP Central Committee. More importantly, this technology mastered by Founder Technology has become an important method for Li You. The source codes used in Shanghai Futures Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange are all from Founder Technology. Therefore, Founder of Peking University can control all core information in China, including tampering with various securities transactions. Anything you see may not be true, Li You can change it, and Li You often changes it. Why can Li You play hundreds of billions of financial bills ? The bank issued an envelope with a certificate. The envelope stated that it would guarantee this person a short-term loan. Other banks are willing to accept this guarantee and get a certain amount of interest to offer a loan. This is one of China’s largest shadow bank scams. If China dares to clean up these so-called financial bills, most financial institutions in China will fall. These financial papers made up for the Chinese financial scam of 10 bottles and 3 caps in a short period of time. All people like Li You who play listed companies do a good job of listed companies relying on fraud and financial fraud and financial bills.

3. All the comrades in arms understand why Miles Guo broke the news about Founder of Peking University, and why has CCP been doing its best to hurt Miles Guo until now? Founder of Peking University is too important for CCP, and the source code is too important for national security and even national strategy. Also, think about it, can it have an impact on voting and elections, can it have an impact on others? Can it affect the United States, can it affect other countries? Our understanding of Founder of Peking University is really just the tip of the iceberg. When the United States thoroughly investigate the general election (the truth of being manipulated), they will find that the culprit is CCP. Will the United States impose corresponding sanctions next? Will it become the incentive for the next heavy hammer? It can be said that President Trump’s desk is full of “destructive” weapons as long as President Trump presses the “Start” button. Everything which is beyond our imagination will happen very quickly.

4. Dominion voting software system, the software is used in 27, 28 states to count and analyze votes. The real root of this software comes from Peking University Founder Technology. Miles Guo first broke the news in 2017 and mentioned Peking University Founder Group, involving Bohai Financial Holdings. The absurdity of today’s election results has also fully verified the threats these companies pose to the world. Miles Guo told the U.S. three years ago that the dark from kleptocracy is coming, Without Whistleblower Movement, we does not know how miserable the United States will be now, and possibly it would be subverted.

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