In-Depth Analysis by LUDE Media on the Connection Between Smartmatic and Dominion and Reminds Once Again That China’s Food Crisis Is Coming!

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The LUDE Media morning program on November 18, 2020’s analyzed the new trend of the CCP’s fourth staple food revolution: potato as a staple food, food crisis is imminent. The New York Times published an article stated: President Trump received 1,000 more votes than four years ago with more than 10,000, LUDE Media interpreted in depth the connection between Smartmatic Group and the Dominion system.

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[1]. The new trend of the CCP’s fourth staple food revolution: potato as a staple food “International Heilongjiang Online ” published an article on the 17th titled “The New Trend of the Fourth Staple Food Revolution: Potato As A Staple Food”[1]: As our country’s food imports and demand increase, through the implementing the potato staple as foods strategy, the transition from raw material production to industrialize series of manufactured products, transiting from food and clothing consumption to nutrition and health consumption, is meant to be a supplement to our country’s three major staple foods. This must be done. However, while China’s potato production and consumption has reached the number one in the world, potato yields, and per capita consumption falls behind the world’s average. 

The new trend of the fourth staple food revolution: potato as a staple food

2020-11-17 13:33

When it arrived in China five hundred years ago, the potato became the main food ration for the poor because of its excellent characteristics that were very suitable to grow under the extremely low-temperature areas where grain production was extremely low. It played an important role in promoting the rapid increase in China’s population. After entering the new century, the importance of potatoes has been recognized once again. It was identified by our country as the fourth type staple food crop after rice, wheat, and corn in 2015. The potato as a staple food strategy was put on the agenda officially.

As far as potatoes as a staple food is concerned, China has a good production capacity base. Statistics show that our country’s potato planting area ranked first in the world in 2019, accounted for 32.07%. China accounted for 34.18% of the world’s 501 million tons of potato production. Currently, our country is not only the world’s largest potato planting nation, but also the largest producer.

In terms of the characteristics of potato production, it has obvious advantages compared with other staple food crops. Our country has a large population and a small amount of arable land per capita. There is little room for crops such as rice and wheat to grow continuously. Potatoes are cold-tolerant, drought-tolerant, barren-tolerant, adaptable, and can be planted in a wide area, and they save water, fertilizer, pesticides, and are easy to plant. It has good promotable planting characteristics. At the same time, compared with wheat, corn, and rice, the whole potato flour can be stored for longer than 15 years at room temperature.

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Combined with several recent major news: the CCP has totally restricted all Chinese nationals from leaving the country, the Trump administration has begun to go after the CCP, and the US Defense Secretary mentioned that the CCP’s military installations can be destroyed within 72 hours.

1. The CCP has acquiesced that domestic food cannot be self-sufficient, and the future food crisis will be serious.

2. The 70-year rule of the CCP has not solved the food problem of the people. It is the United States that really solved the food problem of the Chinese people.

3. The CCP has obtained intelligence information that the U.S. is about to impose comprehensive sanctions and blockades on the CCP. At that time, the CCP will not have enough foreign exchange reserves to purchase food from overseas. In the end, people at the bottom of society will be the one who suffer from food shortages.

4. Even if the CCP turns potatoes into staple food, it will not be able to meet the country’s food needs. In the future, CCP will definitely has to promote the second and third types of food staple.

5. The Whistleblower Movement has been warning everyone in China for several years ago to buy food, exchange for US dollars, and don’t purchase any real estate, which has once again proved that the Whistleblower Movement has the absolute ability to “stand in the future, talk about history”.

[2]. President Trump has received more than 10 million more votes than four years ago

The New York Times [2] published an article stating that President Trump received more than 10 million votes in the 2020 Presidential election compared to four years ago, which include regions where there are large Hispanic voters’ majority.

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As you can see from the map, more than 10 million additional ballots came in large numbers from Democratic states. In the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, President Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton. She won the support of many American women and minorities, but President Trump Still won the election. Because President Trump won a large number of American popular support in this election, the number of votes he received was a record high, which made the Dominion system has to  operate at full capacity but was still impossible for Biden to win the election with fake votes. Thus, this must be done through manipulating mail-in ballots.

[3]. FOX interview reveals that the total number of “secretive” ballots in Michigan soared from 99% to 350%!

Ramsland, a member of the Joint Security Action Team, was interviewed by Lou Dobbs [3]: there are solid evidences for the Dominion software vote fraud, and the votes of four counties in Michigan were abnormal! Michigan has more than 3,000 voting districts for presidential elections and comparing the number of voters estimated by the Secretary of State, the proportion has soared from 99% to 350%. Currently, four counties have found such problems.

  1. Judging from Ramsland’s statement, he is analyzing from the perspective of civil litigation. Those evidences will convince the Supreme Justice in the future. While in the interview with Lawyer Powell yesterday, he analyzed the case from the national security perspective.
  2. Ramsrand warned long before the election: fraud in the US election will occur.
  3. Dr. Yan Li-Meng’s report has the same logic. On one hand, it is scientifically proven that the coronavirus is a biological weapon released by the CCP. On the other hand, it is demonstrated from an intelligence perspective. As early as January 19, she predicted via LUDE Media that the virus was extremely threatening and that there would be a global pandemic.
  4. Software fraud cases in the general election have been monitored for a long time. Apprehended Solid evidences are being announced to the public one by one.
  5. The CCP’s engagement manipulating the US Presidential election will completely arouse the American public’s determination to annihilate the CCP. Along with the fact that CCP has been releasing the CCP virus to harm the world, the CCP’s end is near!

[4]. The relationship between Smartmatic Technology Group and Dominion voting system

LUDE Media played its related slides in its broadcast. Some screenshots are as follows:

 Spain Scytl Electronic Voting Company 

  • In the 2020 presidential election, many states in the United States appointed a foreign company headquartered in Spain to provide various election services, including online voting systems.
  • Interestingly, the Spanish company Scytl has declared bankruptcy in June this year. Part of the reason the company filed for bankruptcy protection was a security breach in the broader analysis of digital voting.
  • Dominion is one of Scytl’s suppliers. The manipulator behind Scytl is probably Dominion, not the hacker. 
  • This question prompted experts to question why such sensitive work as iodine votes was outsourced to a foreign company? How could a bankrupted Spanish company be able to count American election votes in Spain?
    Source: Gnews and GreatGameIndia

Dominion Voting System Company Introduction

  • A Canadian company sells voting system hardware and software including voting machines and tabulation software in the U.S. and Canada
  • Another leading company of the industry in the U.S., Premier Election Solutions, was acquired by Dominion in 2010. 
  • Acquired Smartmatic (US) in 2011
    Source link:

Sequoia Voting System Company

  • Sequoia was one of the largest electronic voting system providers in the United States. This company was a pioneer of mathematical systems and punch voting cards. It later invested in electronic voting machines.
  • In 1997, it acquired Optech software and obtained its ballot optical scanner voting machine and intellectual property rights.
  • Sequoia was acquired by Smartmatic (US) in 2005, and it was sold to Smartmatic (UK) by Smartmatic (US) in 2006.
  • In 2011, Smartmatic-Sequoia (US) was acquired by Dominion Canada. Smartmatic retains the intellectual property rights of certain voting products of Sequoia Voting Company in the United States and the right to negotiate overseas non-competitive agreements. These agreements were approved by the Overseas Investment Committee of the U.S. and terminated the investigation of Smartmatic. The U.S. Department of the Treasury may have also been involved.
  • In addition, Sequoia Voting System Company does not have a good reputation. There are security loopholes in its election projects, allegedly selling inferior voting cards in order to sell electronic voting machines and prevent computer experts from investigating infringement lawsuits
    Source link:  Wikipedia

Mutual relations

  • It is noted that the acquisition of Sequoia, Smartmatic and Dominion in obtaining the Optech of Dominion software ballot scanner and intellectual property rights, it should share the same hardware and software intellectual property rights.
  • Even if Smartmatic sells Sequoia, it is sold to its own British company and retains intellectual property rights to some of its products in the U.S. and the right to negotiate overseas contracts.
  • Dominion is one of Scytl’s suppliers. The manipulator behind Scytl is probably Dominion, not the hacker. 
  • On November 14th, Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani once wrote on Twitter that Dominion is only a front company of Smartmatic. The actual counting of the ballots is done by Smartmatic. Dominion and Smartmatic have a close relationship with the Venezuelan government and may be used by foreign forces to interfere with the US Presidential election results. Dominion’s voting machine was also exposed using Chinese technology. Even if Smartmatic sells 10 yuan in the United States, it is sold to its own British company and retains the intellectual property rights of some products in the United States and the right to negotiate overseas contracts

Summary diagram

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From the above content, it is noted that the CCP has long planned to interfere in the U.S. Presidential election. Not only the Americans, but all Chinese people should also pay attention to this voting fraud situation. When the new China is established in the future, the Chinese people will have one person, one vote. Kleptocrats’ families may still use the voting system to interfere in domestic elections.

Please continue to pay attention to the Whistleblower Movement and pay attention to the “LUDE Media”!

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