The Changing of the Guard

Author: Jin Wang @Himalaya Phoenix – San Francisco

For years the undermining of America has been silently brewing. Secret powers have been put in place to implement a master plan; to manipulate and control all aspects of our lives, our freedoms and liberties, and our Constitutional Rights. This newly assembled progressive fascist cabal is international and enormous, and the Democrats are fully involved and committed. Everyone on the side of corruption wants Donald Trump eliminated as fast as possible. The radical Left mob continues pumping vitriol poison into the system daily to brainwash their blind aimless sheep with the help of CNN, ABC, NBC, NYT, WSJ, Facebook, Twitter, on and on…
It is not the Democrat Party we knew in early life. This one has been captured and controlled by Saul Alinsky’s Marxist playbook, with heavy input from Soros, Gates, Bloomberg…and the Global World Order followers that includes Big Tech, Big Media, The Deep State, and our largest corporations that have invested heavily in China. This group of renegades all are conveniently blind to the long-term danger to freedom and the Western alliance led by the US. It was Lenin who said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with” and our larger business interests seeking Chinese markets and capital are making that a reality.
Meanwhile, the FBI is where ( with Sleepy Joe hiding in the basement )??? They should have been securing those ballot boxes, already making arrests and doing their job! The biggest scandal – treason – in American history. Christopher Wray should be fired. A CIA server was used to tabulate the votes for Dominion in their installation in Frankfurt. The only way to fully track those real-time Dominion vote switches by Smartmatic is probably the data in that server ( all Dominion offices in Canada and US have suddenly closed and personnel have disappeared ). It was done systematically with an algorithm to keep Biden ahead, but not too far ahead. Biden had a “senior moment” and actually admitted he had the finest “world class election fraud team” anywhere. We were not sure at the time what the hell Biden was talking about – now we know.
Forget all the normal cheating techniques in these nine perpetually corrupt cities, where over a million dead people voted this time, the out of state votes, harvested votes from senior citizen homes, etc. being counted in their fake numbers. This time, on top of all of that, it was a high-tech modern day nationwide fix / heist. Many local elections were stolen as well….just pay Dominion and secure your illicit victory.
The Dominion system was built for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela to win…steal his election. Dominion, with Smartmatic used the original software written by Dennis Montgomery ( an IT genius, a computer programmer for eye-popping technology to catch terrorists, and a patriot who may testify for President Trump ). This election was right out of the CIA playbook for controlling an election to a predetermined outcome – it was a “Color Revolution” right here in America. Democracy dies when elections are rigged and fraudulent.
Funny how Trump always seems to be losing until just before he wins – if he pulls it out this time it will be because of some true heroes who will go down in history.
One cannot help but marvel again at the genius of our Founding Fathers: Washington who made it physically possible, Jefferson who wrote that Declaration of Independence, and Madison, Hamilton, with Benjamin Franklin in the background all the way. These thoughtful and insightful men designed a system that could give us at least a chance even today to reverse a conspiracy SO vast and widely supported by SO many powerful interests with technology beyond anything those men could have ever imagined. But they knew the temptations of the human heart. They came from an old and dominated Europe. They knew how power will always be eventually abused by some…by many. They designed a system of checks and balances that was a masterpiece to give the people being governed the greatest possible chance of reasserting their control over those who would use it to become tyrants – as human history has repeatedly demonstrated will happen. They gave us this opportunity today to avoid an outcome which is within a few weeks of being the beginning of the end of that incredible experiment in individual freedom that has been America for 240 years. If only our millennials, our children, understood all of this and how rare it is in human history.
I believe it is imperative for as many real patriots as possible to know much of what is going on in real time. Who really knows how much of this is valid, the battlefield moves so fast you have to move before you can be certain half the time, as this deplorable and greedy band of brothers knows all too well. Most of these powerful sources are aligning up at this very moment. This is SO BIG it may really break out into a sort of miniature revolution. The bad guys have planned and rehearsed this for over a year after trying every other way to depose OUR President, to use a full manipulation of most of the battleground States’ systems – to be damned sure he was gone this time. It is apparent that the bad guys designed this strategy to be SO large and expansive that it will be difficult to litigate in the time required by the Constitution. They were caught off guard when Trump got so many more votes than they ever imagined. Their algorithms had to be adjusted and more phony ballots hastily prepared. Trump appears to have actually won the popular vote on top of the electoral vote, even with the controlled States of NY, CA, IL and our 9 machine-controlled cities. Very big money, very powerful people, unlikely collaborators, all united to get rid of OUR President once and for all.
Their shock troops are Antifa & BLM, funded by George Soros who has gone “all out” in perhaps his last great “hurrah” ( let us hope ), spending over $1 billion to crush this election. These paid rioters, anarchists and terrorists have been held back because of their master’s presumed victory – as they believe for now. Wait until their win starts slipping away. This period of turmoil and political uncertainty also makes the world’s most powerful nation far more vulnerable than normal. China also thinks it has won, but is now getting uneasy, if in some way this corrupt victory cannot be maintained. Trump is staying quietly ( for him ) close to the White House. The Secret Service and the NSC are said to be loyal.
This time next year America should hopefully be returning to a semblance of normalcy. We need to truly praise and thank Our President Donald Trump for his masterful handling of this pandemic, the economy, global stabilization, including an unprecedented eight-month development of a vaccine that is 95% effective.
We have so much to be thankful for. Yet we must not be complacent!!!
Enjoy your COVID Thanksgiving America…compliments of the Chinese Communist Party and their walking dogs who serve their master.

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5 months ago

Thank you Jin Wang for awakening America and your voice of the Truth! You are a real Patriot ! Thank you 🙏🙏🙏💕😘🌹❤️


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