Giuliani Alleges Concentrated National Election Fraud

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Ranting

President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, stated at a press conference held by the Trump team on Thursday about the legal challenges to the election results that there was a “centralized” scheme to commit election fraud on a national scale.

Giuliani, at a Capitol Hill press conference with other members of Trump’s legal team, said, “What I’m about to describe to you is massive fraud.” He repeatedly attacked the news media and accused them of treating Team Trump’s efforts unfairly.

The former New York City mayor spoke about events in Pennsylvania, where Republican poll watchers claimed they were not allowed to monitor the vote counting process because of the distance. The judge ruled in their favor and ordered that they be allowed to stay six feet away, but that was overturned after the other side appealed.

Giuliani also claimed that while Pennsylvania does not allow absentee voters to correct any errors on their ballots, some voters are given that opportunity, but those from Republican areas are not.

He cited affidavits from poll workers in Pennsylvania and Michigan who spoke of the superintendent’s instructions. An affidavit states that Pennsylvania workers were instructed to distribute ballots without names to random people, resulting in the names of thousands of people in Pittsburgh appearing on the ballot.

Another affidavit states that a supervisor in Michigan instructed staff to change the date of absentee ballots to show that they had arrived earlier than originally scheduled. An affidavit also claims that staff members were told not to ask Michigan voters for photo IDs, despite state law requirements.

Giuliani also said that about 100,000 absentee ballots in Wisconsin should be considered invalid because there were no applications. Biden leads President Trump by about 20,000 votes in the state.

Giuliani said, “If you count the legal votes, Trump will win Wisconsin.”

He added that more lawsuits could be filed in Arizona, as well as in New Mexico, where Trump trails Biden by nearly 100,000 votes. With Biden leading by nearly half a million votes in Virginia, Giuliani said that if they believe they can overcome that margin, they will challenge Virginia.

Jenna Ellis, another legal advisor to the Trump team, explained that no new evidence was provided at the press conference to support their allegations because it was just an “opening statement” and that more evidence would go directly to the court.

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