War Room: Pandemic Ep 521 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

Bannon: Get focused on the signal, not the noise. We’re in a fight right now. We don’t have time to get diverted. Hold the line.

It’s the “Great Awakening”: Non-partisan people, not totally tied to politics see the signal, separate out the noise, and are joining this great cause for Trump. Because they are not after Trump, they are after you, everyone, the deplorables.

The whole world is watching, and we’re going to get the receipts. The receipts on the legal vote will affirm that Donald TRUMP won a massive victory on Election night November 3.

It’s great conference yesterday with Giuliani legal team. But where is FBI?

The Left is going to try, but there’s not going to be a “Great Reset”.

The Deplorables are not going to allow 2020Election to be stolen.

Why are Joe Scarborough and the MSM not talking about what’s going on in WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN? They’re “data” and “science-based” until the data and science go against them.

MSM as MSNBC was very urgent for Biden to WH regardless hill of facts data driven. NYT thousands of words attacking on Steve Bannon, Miles Guo, Dr. Yan about Wuhan lab and Whistleblower Movement.

Frank Mir: Individuals are being taken advantage of and beaten down for supporting President Trump.

Given everything in the UFC warrior DNA, it’s hard for me not to jump on the conservative side, recognize wrong is wrong. And it is wrong that Antifa & BLM have been a nationwide struggle session for 6 months. Peaceful protesters holding a flag are being attacked, just like a group of hyenas attack a lion, suffering physical violence for saying something someone else disagrees with.

Frank’s not a partisan, just a moderate middle Americans as they see the mainstream media that refuses to allow them to see information and if you continue to put up information. They weigh measure remember the common sense of the American people. Their grit and their tenacity once they make up their mind whether it’s the revolution with civil war, whether it’s world war two, in the cold war.

He suggested first thing for martial arts, you have tremendously and mentally strong to believe yourself can fight, and secondly physically in time like this, you have to learn something to protect yourself, such as you learn how to use the Gun. Martial arts is how to fight but hope that you never have to use it. 

Bannon: They’re not a bunch of jerks. They’re not looking for fights, only average citizens but they had that quality of Americanism, they’re going to be very polite but they’re not going to back down one inch therefore you are caught.

Joe Scarborough doesn’t need to be lecturing Mitch McConnell. You scumbag and your whole family is a group of democratic racist scumbags, give me a break, talk about how much money you and your families?

How many black families did you destroy?

How many homes are taken away?

How much of their net worth was wiped out?

You sits there and makes a very promising; hey, the wealth gap between black Americans white it’s increasing. It’s an increase during the Obama administration, you know why Christianity Biden administration, they had to bail out the federal reserve and step in bailout because of scumbags like you at bear Stearns. You crook and you scumbag. If you assume get away? dude, cause I want to do all the discovery, we’re going to go back and look at all your records, the party history that went down the memory hole!

This is an unstoppable force and the left is just going to have to understand and the global is going to have to understand that all your crimes are going to be exposed. You’re gonna have to suffer the consequences! You’re gonna have to take full accountability! Now many people say the virus definitely was the bio weapon  and we got the CCP on the run back in Jan. We’re confronting them and exposing them and the CCP virus. We are to take down the CCP, and break the back bone of its business. 

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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