Who Dares to Bet Against Sidney Powell?

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In 2014 Sidney Powell, the famed lawyer on President Donald Trump’s election fraud team, wrote a book entitled “Licensed to Lie – Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice”1.

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The foreword by Alex Kozinski includes this description: “Sidney Powell has more testosterone than pretty much any roomful of lawyers, be they men or women. Writing a book like this more than proves it. Not only does she take on, by name, prosecutors and former prosecutors who continue to serve in powerful and responsible positions, she is also relentless in criticizing judges before whom she has practiced for years. Few lawyers have the stones to do this.”1

In the book, Powell makes several charges against prominent prosecutorial lawyers in important legal cases. In particular, charges of federal prosecutors concealing evidence favorable to the defense – called Brady violations in the US justice system. Powell wrote this book out of dismay with the US legal system. She took time off from her legal practice to write the book. She self-published and self-promoted the book because no publisher would take on the job. It is telling that none of the prosecutors named in her book have sued Powell for defamation or libel. In other words, the charges she makes in her book are truthful. Perhaps this is a lesson for those who would question the claims she is making on behalf of the Trump team related to the voter fraud allegations in the 2020 US elections – Sidney Powell does not bluff her way through legal cases, she takes cases where injustice can be revealed.

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From Wikipedia we see that Powell served from 1978 to 1988 as an assistant United States attorney for the western and northern districts of Texas and the Eastern District of Virginia. In 1993 Powell started her law firm in Dallas Texas. She has served as lead counsel in more than 500 appeals in the fifth circuit courts and has obtained a reversal rate of 70%. Regardless of her impeccable credentials, in Wikipedia leftists have already added comments stating that Powell “is frequently described as a conspiracy theorist having made claims of a scheme involving secret communist money and globalists to change ballot totals in the 2020 election which she claims Trump won by a landslide.”2 Keep in mind, these edits to Wikipedia have been made only days after her press conference with Rudy Giuliani regarding the voter fraud case.

Powell and Giuliani are taking large risks today. Their accusations are targeting large corporations like Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) for having links to billionaire George Soros, foreign governments like Venezuela and Cuba, and even the Chinese Communist Party. These entities are charged with colluding with corrupt election officials to steal the White House. These charges are serious. If proven false the careers of Powell, Giuliani and Ellis will be severely damaged. Defamation suits by DVS are almost inevitable. Countersuits could mean that these lawyers would risk their personal assets and their license to practice law.

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Experienced lawyers such as these three would never take this kind of risk unless they had ironclad evidence to support their claims. We have seen election officials in Michigan receiving death threats, along with their families and children, for a refusing to certify a corrupt election. We know that Powell and Giuliani are not only risking their personal wealth, the reputations, and their jobs.

Leftists are smearing her name. Anarchists are threatening her and her family. Million-dollar media giants are determined to suppress or twist her words. The Chinese communist party has most of the famed legal firms in America on retainer ready to file suit against her. Patriotic Americans owe her and Rudy a debt of gratitude for defending the cornerstone of our democratic system.

Sidney Powell is the person you want next to you in the fox hole when the order comes to charge the citadel. I will lay bets that she is not bluffing. “Courage is contagious” – Steve Bannon.

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