The Truth Of Virus (6)——A whistleblower Li-meng Yan from a W.H.O reference laboratory in Hong Kong on WAR ROOM interview “this is I redefined it as the unrestricted bioweapon, I showed the evidence and I told people where the virus came from, and people should hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP )accountable, and for this scientific world people who collaborate with CCP, they should be held accountable too

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Mr. Bannon: I’d like to know what would you like the world scientific community to do with this information that you’ve now put forward? 

Dr. Yan: Any expectation for this world scientific community because you can see I even listed some of their names like the biggest expert for HIV study and professor Robert Gallo and also bioweapon expert in John Hopkins University- Nancy Connell. Those people they just wrote things to ruin my report, ruin my reputation, using lies and misinformation. I will do the point-to-point fight back with them, because this is not only for me, it’s for the global health. And the other thing is you can see the peer-reviewed journals. The top ones like Lancet, Nature, New England Journal. They tried to make it very political. I mean this is a virus, right? This virus itself is not political. Although now we see it seems to have some political idea that when they attack certain people, we can see like stay in the White House and stay in the Pentagon or stay…basically proved Mr. President. This seems to have the spirit of political sense which is very consistent with the Chinese Communist Party’s idea.  I mean I always think this virus itself is not political things. This pandemic is not political things, everyone to work together to understand why it happened and where it came from, and I showed the evidence and I told people where it came from and people should hold the CCP accountable and for this scientific world people who collaborate with CCP. They should be held accountable too.

Mr. Bannon: I’d like to have your opinion that if they’re not confronted now. When they’ve essentially been caught red-handed , what do you think happens with this biological weapons program as it goes forward? Does it get more intense? Is the world susceptible to more attacks? 

Dr. Yan: I’d like to start… This is not a traditional bioweapon. I mean I showed the definition from the Academy of Military Medical Science in China. So this is I redefined it as the unrestricted bioweapon. Because they expect for the characters they want, they also have some more characters which will give it better benefits during this unrestricted bio-warfare and everyone of us we face to the fish to get infected and when we get infected we become unconsciously the vector which passes this virus, this bioweapon to the people around us and generate more damage. And also this is deliberately released as I said even before the outbreak, they start to plan “how to make some so-called evidence published and later used it to link to the whole evidence chain of natural origin theory and involved in China Military and scientists under the CCP’s control. No matter in China, in Hong Kong or overseas, they all work together. So we cannot expect that this will stop because it’s a war. I mean it’s a war “it never reaches the end if you don’t realize it unless they overcome you all, right? “ So if America wants the Chinese Communist Party to control you, then at that time maybe you can expect the kind of peaceful the pandemic.

Mr. Bannon: What would you like the American people to know right now?

Dr. Yan: I mean American people is much more lucky than we Chinese people because it’s a democratic country and you can own your vote. Your can vote to the government, you can make decision and choose who can bring you, help you do the action. And if you feel angry about this. You want to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable, you can vote for it. That’s the thing we Chinese people can’t do. We don’t have such rights. And the other thing is, don’t be hesitate that you thought maybe a government like China should not do this to (their) own people, so sounds very unbelievable. No, no, no. We Chinese people never thought that. All of us live in mainland (China) we know the government can do anything to you without any reason. Because you are not like the human to them.  Your life is even less than a dog or other animals, of course they treat animal not good too, you see. And they just treat you like the plants, if they want to eat some vegetable in their field, they cut it and eat it. Because the vegetable can come out soon. And always vegetable, you are like vegetables for them. I think in U.S., maybe you can consider as some lettuce grow very fast and very tasty and cut it, and you have always more because we have 1.4 billion people. So we hope the U.S. people can realize the reality. Don’t treat it just as just common pathogen, common pandemic. Don’t expect it will stop unless you really think China government is so good, you want it ruin you like it ruin our Chinese people.

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