CCP Virus Ep293-video

  1. The Communist China industrializes medical care, not only to make money from the sick, but also to compile news stories to fool people into saying that the government organizes purchases to bargain for them.
  2. The CCP smashed the disabled person’s wheelchair: Government officials smashed the disabled petitioner Zhu Jianqiang’s wheelchair on which he was sitting on helplessly.
  3. All pro-democratic legislators resigned.The CCP has completely controlled the Hong Kong Legislative Council and Hong Kong’s judicial system. Framing and planting anti-extradition people will be more serious.
  4. Anniversary of CUHK’s Resistence. On November 12, 2019, the brave students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) defended their campus against the CCP occupiers. It was a war of civilization against barbarism, of civilians against power.
  5. (Steve Bannon, 11/10) They want to you be a drone. They want you to be an automaton… and then serve up your children to be in the armed forces as they go around with their neo-liberal and neo-con policies that they want us everywhere in the world, right… stick on their nose in everybody’s business instead of focusing on the existential threats that threaten the entire world system and imprison and enslave the world and the workers of the world. That’s the globalist system that Joe Biden’s a part of, Joe Biden’s on the pay-roll of, Joe Biden has supported.

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1 year ago

ccp released the virus, take down the ccp

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