【Concise : Lude Media News (Night) 11/15/20】The FISA Act — A Sharp Weapon to Takedown Dominos

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Mr. Giuliani was interviewed today by Fox Anchor Maria Bartiromo. He said that Dominion went so far as to send all the ballot data out of the country. This is shocking. It is interference in American elections. It’s a matter of national security. With that alone, this case requires the FISA Act. Dominion used software developed by a company called Smartmatic.  The chairman of this company is a close business partner of Soros. This company has very close ties to Venezuela and the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP. The company was founded by the former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Two of Chavez’s partners still own the company, and they used the software to commit fraud in the South American elections.

Mr. Giuliani said that in Pennsylvania, for example, they had confirmed 632,000 illegal ballots, which is enough for the President to win by more than 300,000 votes in the state. Also, in Detroit, about 100,000 ballots were brought in at 4:30 a.m. to be counted. Each ballot had only Biden’s name on it and no one else’s, not even the names of other Democrats. This is because Dominion indicated Biden was so far behind that ballot counting had to be stopped. Otherwise, the election would be called for Trump. 

Who is behind Dominion, and who finances Dominion and Scytl? Sequoia Capital! That’s Neil Shen, the King of the Internet in China! Mr. Shen controls the software on behalf of the CCP, so the CCP is behind Dominion. That is the core of the problem. That’s why now, instead of going through the regular legal process, Trump’s legal team is using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA act), and going through the FISA Court. So far, every piece of information that Mr. Giuliani mentioned has to do with national security and is directed at the CCP, which manipulated the US election.

The warfare launched by the CCP

This company, called Smartmatic, was founded by the former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. He used it to commit fraud in the South American elections. This company was banned in the U.S. ten years ago. But now it has come back to the U.S. as a subcontractor, using another company’s name as a cover. There are people in the U.S. government who are in cahoots with the CCP and sell out the national interest. Evidence shows that the state officials who bought Dominion received large amounts of kickbacks, and software security problems have been reported for a long time, but the CIA and FBI have ignored them.

Everyone knows that Maduro’s government in Venezuela is a regime on the verge of collapse. Why does he have the ability to operate in this way? Venezuela has long been under the control of the CCP, which uses various offshore centers, intelligence points, and software centers to gather information. 

Where did the information for the ballots in this election come from? The CCP sells the massive personal information of Americans in the underground black market and dark web. In several instances where a large amount of personal information was stolen, it eventually led to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. This is the heart of the crux. The ultimate manipulator is the CCP, the Night King!

This was a terrorist attack. The CCP, the Deep State, and the elite in the United States all knew that they had to use this opportunity to get President Trump out of the White House at all costs. They jointly planned and launched this attack early on.

Although there was no hot war, the election software attack was a comprehensive, organized, multi-dimensional, multi-city warfare. It has affected the constitutional democracy of the United States and the very foundation of this country. Therefore, it’s not an exaggeration to call it a form of international terrorism. It’s worse than hitting a building with a plane.

The FISA Act and FISA Court 

The FISA Court (FISC) is a U.S. federal court established and authorized under the FISA Act in 1978. The Federal Supreme Court appoints its judges. Because it involves sensitive national security information, the FISA Court operates secretly, much of which is not available online.

The use of the FISA Act takes the election litigation out of the bipartisan spiral. This is in President Trump’s best interest. Because he’s the president now, he has the state apparatus at his disposal, and he can use surveillance if it is related to national security. This is the most powerful weapon he has. And the evidence gathered can be used in a FISA Court. The president does not have such an advantage if he chooses to prosecute the individuals or partisan election fraud in a regular court.

The FISA Court is not like a regular court. It is a secret court, with no jury, sometimes no witnesses, and no access to hard evidence, but only intelligence. It depends on the source and credibility of that information and whether multiple pieces of information support the same fact.

The power of the FISA Court is almost parallel to that of the Supreme Court. There is no jury, the judge directly decides the case, and the verdict is final. Its hearings are not open to the public. You can only see part of the redacted information, never the whole story. Due to the confidential nature of the proceedings, usually only attorneys licensed to practice before the U.S. government are allowed to appear in court.

Verdict in FISA Act

Joseph diGenova, a member of the President’s legal team, once prosecuted an Israeli spy on behalf of the Department of Justice and finally got him to plead guilty. Why? Because there is no chance, anyone can succeed in the FISA Court. Generally speaking, the evidence against national security is of iron proof, and the prosecuted has little chance of winning. That’s the power of the FISA Court.

That’s why Nicole Davis and Elliott Broidy had to plead guilty. Because if they hadn’t, they would have been brought before the FISA Court, where there is no chance to appeal. The United States has this system in place for cases against national security. That is the FISA Act.

Under the FISA Act, the FISA Court can authorize surveillance on three types of persons. The first one is a foreign intelligence officer (FIO). Once you apply for a surveillance warrant in a FISA Court, claiming that the person is a foreign intelligence agent, you could immediately put him under full surveillance, 24 hours a day. Even if this person fled to North Korea or Venezuela, the monitoring would be carried out, by all means. The information obtained from the surveillance can be used as evidence in court. Second, anyone in contact with this foreign intelligence agent, even a U.S. citizen, will also be fully monitored. Third, if the  same U.S. citizen is in contact with anyone else, that person is also under full surveillance. Once this case has been filed, all the persons contacted by this foreigner would be monitored. All surveillance contents will be transferred to the court.

In a regular U.S. lawsuit, your surveillance would not be admissible as evidence in court. But a FISA Court can use it. That is the power of the FISA Court. FISA Act can effectively prevent all acts of infiltration or subversion of the United States and protect U.S. national security.

Surveillance and Evidence Collection

The CCP has been trying to subvert the United States. The election gives them the best chance to achieve their goal by cooperating with the Deep State of the United States. That’s what they have done. On the other hand, the FISA Act gives the President a powerful weapon, which can obtain evidence through surveillance. He has laid out in advance to get complete and decisive evidence in court.

In addition to the evidence obtained through direct surveillance, there will also be witnesses. As a result of CCP’s infighting, three hard drives were released before the election that revealed how the CCP planned to control the whole world. Mr. Miles Guo has previously revealed that two men released from the Qincheng prison were personally interfering the U.S. election. Suppose the CCP witnesses come forward as tainted witnesses against the U.S. and its collaborators. In that case, those colluded with the CCP will have to plead guilty and testify against more people in exchange for a lighter sentence. Finally, the swamp will be dismantled, which is itself part of the destruction of the CCP.

From the Hong Kong anti-extradition movement to the CCP virus, we have seen that President Trump wants to take action to protect American interests. But he’s been bogged down in the swamp. Now, during this election battle, the swamp is exposed. Those who prevented President Trump from coming down hard on the CCP and those colluded with the CCP have been exposed. 

The FISA Act is a net that will wipe out these people. The most critical part of the war against the CCP is the destruction of the swamp. In this ultimate battle, Mr. Giuliani is fighting a great diversionary legal battle. FISA Act allows President Trump to declare a state of national emergency. This makes the evidence collection go smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.

Solid evidence 

Attorney Sydney Powell was also interviewed by Maria today. She said that they already had a large amount of evidence. “We have sworn witnesses who know the whole story of this fraud and how the Dominion Voting System was designed to manipulate the election. They can control the election remotely from Germany and Venezuela. They can see the vote counts in real-time, and they can tamper with the votes.” She insisted, “I will never say anything that we can’t prove.”

“The Dominion software was designed with the intent to rig the election,” she said. “We’ve got so much evidence; it’s like spewing out of a fire hydrant.” They can insert a USB drive into the machine or upload software that will issue commands over the Internet. They can operate all of this from Germany or Venezuela. They can see the vote counts in real-time, and they can tamper with the number in real-time, she said.

            They had planned from the beginning to tamper with the data to make sure Biden win the election.  Biden has said he doesn’t need any votes now. He’ll need them later. He said he has the largest fraud organization in history. It can make the machines not read signatures; it can make the machines only read Biden’s ballots; it can decide which votes to count and which not to, and so on.

“We have the sworn testimony of a witness. This person was fully aware of how the system worked, and he understood the intent behind the design of the software. He also witnessed what happened after the vote count stopped. This tactic has been used before in other countries, and this is truly explosive information”.  As to why the evidence has been collected quickly, it was all obtained as intelligence.

Finally, we know that President Trump’s team is well prepared for the legal battle, the media battle, and the unrestricted warfare of the CCP. FISA Act is his best weapon to win the fight. Given President Trump’s strong legal team and that he is on the side of justice and righteousness, we are 100 percent confident that President Trump will win.

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ccp must go to hell as soon as possible



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