Gnews Current Affairs Ep07 [Xi’s Man: The Invisible Hands Behind US Election]

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Hello, this is your host Michael from Gnews Current Affairs.


After 27 days of deliberate disappearance from the public before the US election, Miles Guo dropped a bomb on Nov 7th live broadcast, stating that his intelligence sources informed him: six months ago, the CCP released three people from Qincheng Prison. They are the founders and core executors of CCP’s Pandora Plan, i.e. CCP’s global domination plan. Long before the election, they had arrived in Canada and initiated the 3F plan. That is to Fall Fail Fell America before theCCP takes over the post-Pandora’s world. Their detailed planning was to infiltrate the US election for the past half-year and help Biden win the election no matter what it takes.


In order to expose the CCP’s ownership of Joe Biden, Whistleblower Movement launched a 13-day media campaign on Gnews and GTV to counter CCP’s info-warfare before the US election. By exposing Hunter Biden’s sex and money scandals, we successfully made the skeleton in Biden’s closet go viral among American voters. In addition, GTV and Gnews also exposed the secret deal of the South China Sea between Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Secretary Xi. 


The 13-day exposure only revealed the tip of the iceberg of how much Biden collaborated with the CCP. However, our counter CCP info-warfare campaign on social media experienced a mass-scale crackdown by Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook: thousands of fellow fighters’ accounts were shut down; some of them haven’t even started sharing anything.


Section 230 is like a Fig Leaf used by big techs to cover their dirty little secret: uniform censorship in favor of Joe Biden. Exactly like what Miles said a few months ago, the absurdity of the US election would surprise the public.


That’s all for today’s news. In the coming episode, we will bring you a detailed report of how the US election was infiltrated by the CCP. Please go to or download our app for more details. We are the Gnews Current Affairs team. Stay tuned, stay healthy. We’ll see you soon.




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