English Subtitles: 2020/11/18 Miles Guo Getter Video





Don’t think we’re smart. Americans are much smarter than us.They have great wisdom and they truly do, brothers and sisters!Then, on this legal issue, if you look at Americans, they just take it to the supreme court.No matter what kind of result comes out from your district court, just take it to the supreme court.As long as no one in these states signs and refuses to admit it, (then) President Trump will have a big win!It is said that overseas actions and our actions to take down the CCP are being closely linked together.A bunch of stupid fools, pigs, are still there to make comments!

Do you know what happened in the world, right now?Look at the financial market, look at the bulk trade market, look at the changes in currency!

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5 months ago

mile guo leads us to take down the ccp