Words From Miles EP.6


I support both President Trump, and I support Biden’s presidential campaign. I don’t get involved in your American politics, but the thing I’m trying to say is that we have a common enemy, the CCP. Why did you turn your home into a prison? Why are you wearing a mask? Why are the people around you dying? And when do you believe the American economy will ever get better? Who stole your job? The CCP! Who is the CCP? I say no more than five families. All we have to do is wipe out these five families and the Chinese will be freed and America will be liberated!

– Words from Miles on September 9, 2020


Good things don’t happen by accident, and bad things don’t happen without a reason, everything happens for a reason!

– Words from Miles on September 9, 2020


The New Federal State of China will not be involved in politics, but we will always be the defender of democracy, the rule of law and freedom of worship in China. Anyone who dares stray from this path is our worst enemy.

– Words from Miles on September 9, 2020


Brothers and sisters, not everyone has a bottom line. I, Guo Wengui, do! From when I started the Whistleblowers’ Movement until today I have only hinted (at the truth), but I do not launch an attack on anybody’s mother or not anybody’s family.

– Words from Miles on September 9, 2020


A cultural movement that will awaken the Chinese people in the quickest, most accurate and least expensive way.

– Words from Miles on September 9, 2020


Sex, money, fame and power, all these things cost blood and lives! When it comes down to it, you should not want more than what (fate has in store) for you. Coming to terms with this will lead to a happy life. If you demand more, then it may kill you! There is no such thing as all good or all evil. (Everything requires balance), if you go to one extreme it can lead to disaster.

– Words from Miles on September 9, 2020


The fellow fighters who participated in the Whistleblowers’ Movement were all brought into this world with a mission from God – whichever God you worship. The mission is to eradicate the cancer spread by the Communist Party in China and the world – generation after generation.

– Words from Miles on September 9, 2020

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