Miles Guo – The NFSC will take on a stewardship role on the demise of the CCP

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama

In his early morning broadcast on November 19th, 2020, Miles Guo spoke about the delusions of the CCP’s supporters in China. He explained how the CCP is playing games with regards to the presidential election. 

Most disturbingly, Miles revealed a direct threat by Xi Jinping about the safety of President Trump.

Miles also explained the importance of the Whistleblower Movement, GTV, Gnews and the G-series.

He mentioned that there were many more sick and disturbing videos on Hunter Biden’s laptop that remain unpublished, but that at the moment, we should focus on the sell-out of Joe Biden to the CCP.

In closing, Miles explained that the New Federal State of China will not participate in the internal politics of China, but rather perform a stewardship role. Especially in the light of the possible disruption of Chinese society on the demise of the CCP. After the fall of the CCP, Miles envisions the conclusion of lasting peace agreements with the West and the free world.

The CCP and their supporters are delusional

“The CCP cannot prop up its regime for 72 hours when facing the United States on the battle field.

The Chinese public still think that they can easily invade Taiwan, yet the United States and the power of world justice will make their ambitions nothing but a pipe dream.”

——— Miles Guo

Xi Jinping threatens the safety of President Trump

“As long as there is a state in the U.S. that does not certify the election result, as long as there is voter fraud and votes from dead people, President Trump will win the election, decisively. 

The CCP did not congratulate Biden because they are still pretending that the world didn’t know they manipulated the U.S. election, betting on Joe Biden’s win. However, they will soon congratulate Joe Biden as an endorsement as they have finally realized that their crime has been revealed. Joe Biden will be the loser and they need to back him up. 

My top source from CCP informs me that, President Xi said yesterday in a closed-door top-secret meeting that this point in time, is the ultimate battle between China and the United States. The CCP will do everything to make Joe Biden the winner and make President Trump “disappear” … you figure out what that threat means. After the CCP’s move, maybe Russia and Iran will follow, who knows? 

I believe that President Trump will be the winner, yet my biggest concern is for President Trump’s safety.

——— Miles Guo

The significance of GTV, Gnews and our G-series

“Without our Whistleblower Movement, the United States won’t fully awaken and realize its current dangerous situation. 

Without the financial resources of our G-series of products and services, would the world believe in our capabilities? Without GTV and GNews, we would have no ability to tell the truth. The social media and main stream media that are controlled by evil, can easily suppress our freedom of speech in a snap. Just like they did to many Americans who have independent thoughts and refused to be brainwashed by them. 

We have to rely on our own strength and action.”

——— Miles Guo

Hunter Biden’s laptop – Let’s focus on Joe Biden’s sell-out

“Regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop: 99% of those disgusting sexual misconduct videos have not been released yet. The content includes activities hat involve world celebrities, their child abuse, and other criminal activities in the upper political circles. 

We need to focus on how Joe Biden sold out American interests by collaborating with the CCP through deals like with Bohai Financial Holdings and how his deal allowed the CCP continue to rule over the Chinese people and keep them as slaves.”

——— Miles Guo

The New Federal State of China will offer stewardship

“The next important mission for us to complete is to awaken as many Chinese as possible at home and abroad, regarding the evil nature of CCP, the CCP-virus and how they can unite and stand up and save themselves.

In the future, the New Federal State of China will not participate in China’s domestic politics. It will have a stewardship and monitoring role of how the new Chinese government will rule China, without the CCP. The CCP will perish very quickly. 

I am worried about the possible situation that Chinese society will be of out of control for a while. With the stewardship of our New Federal State of China, we will not let this happen. We are looking forward to conclude peace agreements with the western free world.

——— Miles Guo

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