Is Mainstream Media Far From the CCP Propaganda?

Earlier this year, a friend of mine asked me if COVID-19 started in America. I was surprised that he actually asked that question, because to me, the fact that the CCP virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China, was unquestionable. My friend’s explanation was, at first, he didn’t believe a single word of the “America Army origin” theory. But as he watched more news and discussions on the CCP’s news outlets and WeChat, and seeing there was an outbreak after a, according to the local CCP media, “significant drop of cases” in his neighborhood, he started to think that maybe the virus did come from the American Army. 

How bad a role can media play in brainwashing people and putting our life in jeopardy? 

My friend went to a law school. We’ve known each other for decades. He doesn’t talk without a logic or evidence. But even a person with much confidence of knowledge and logic couldn’t avoid being brainwashed by the misinformation of the CCP propaganda. Until today, many Chinese people still believe the frozen meat imported from other countries are to blame for the newly confirmed cases in their cities. They don’t realize the real danger. 

People may argue, “You live in Communist China with heavy censorship and the great firewall. But here, we enjoy freedom of speech. We have open internet and source of information. Our media is OK.” 

Is it? 

If we look at the news coverage of the 2020 Election by the mainstream media and big tech social media, most of it is criticizing President Trump and his team. We understand that to win a U.S. election, it’s inevitable to have some kind of “media fight” going on. But what seems unusual this year is the mainstream media are nearly unanimously against President Trump, in many cases, slandering or attacking him harshly. But at the same time, the majority of the American people are in support of him. In the previous elections, when one side won, the other side would recognize the people’s choice before every body went back to their normal life. But this year, the election has become a legal war between one side of President Trump and his 73 million supporters, and the other side of some foreign companies and the corrupt government establishment at various levels. Normally, it’s the media’s responsibility to present evidence of fraud to the public for judgements. This time, they are trying to cover it up. Some media outlets don’t even hesitate to lie or fabricate stories, just for the purpose to make the Trump campaign lose. At the press conference by the Tump legal team on Nov. 19, some left media journalist lied in everyone’s face and even yelled at Mayor Giuliani, despite the solid evidence presented by the team. There was a lack of common sense, including truth and respect. 

Why is the mainstream media so hysterical this time? Probably not for any personal reasons. The only reasonable explanation is they are paid by the power behind them to work as a large scale propaganda weapon to attack President Trump. What could this power be? It can’t be the Republican Trump supporters, or many of the Democratic people either. As the anti-CCP “Whistleblower Movement” has repeatedly said and proved, it’s the Chinese Communist Party and its colluders, because they know if President Trump is re-elected and the American people win, it’ll be the end of them. This election is unprecedentedly related to the future of the world. It’s a war. 

Now going back to my friend’s story, can we still be confident there’s freedom of speech and integrity in mainstream media in America? Is it still hard to sense some associations among the mainstream media, the anti-Trump campaign and the CCP? Is the legal entanglement really what every American wants? Is it still impossible that one day, the world might believe the CCP virus originated from America? It wouldn’t surprise me if that day came, CNN was the first one to announce it. As the Chinese people have suffered from the censorship and fake news by the CCP totalitarian regime for decades, we see what’s happening in America and know exactly how catastrophic it can be. 

During the press conference, Mayor Giuliani and his team said since the mainstream media were “concealing” the truth, they would “go around the outrageous iron curtain of heavy censorship and get facts to the American people”. They would not back down or be intimidated. Every American who is fed up with the corruption and want to protect the integrity of the election should step forward and tell the truth. Ultimately, they are fighting for the future of America and the American people. This is why we always have confidence in the great America. 

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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1 year ago

Mainstream Media stand with the ccp and have lost its fairness


Nov. 20, 2020