[Opinion]  We Stand with President Donald J. Trump, our Last Man to Drive the CCP Specter to Hell


Author: Magnum 44   Contributor: Quentin G

It is no secret that the American people who love President Donald Trump love him unconditionally. If a survey on the top two most likely reasons why Trump voters support him were to be conducted today, the answers would be: he has the heart of a true American, and he is not corrupt.

During the early rallies held by then candidate Trump in 2015 and early 2016, curiosity factor played a huge role in drawing his audience. To most people at that time, candidate Trump was a showman. Typical contractors and white American males in their 20s and 30s visibly stood out among the people in lines for an entertaining show free of charge. These people understand the Trump language and the humor that goes with it. They showed up at his rallies as if they were waiting to step into a disco party. It almost looked like that they cared less about whether or not he was seriously campaigning for presidency. However, their instinct told them that this was the guy they would vote. In fact, many of these people had never voted in their lives. Ironically, the Trump language is also the very reason that many others hate him. It goes without saying, they hate him also because of his demeanor.

On the other side of the love-hate Trump spectrum are not the average Joes. It is believed that the top three groups of people who could not stand Trump are, unfortunately: the intellectuals, the lawyers, and the activists. Of course, there is also the 4th group, the powerful. The people in this group belong to Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the media, and the political establishment. As President Trump’s first term was coming to an end, the list of activists became longer: emotional college students, BLM participants, and Antifa supporters. The latter two showed to the rest of the world their preferences: violence and destruction. They seem to hate anyone who owns a store that sells products; they hate historical monuments; they love to destroy stranger’s cars; and they would hit or kill someone wearing a Trump hat. If this is all they warship, they are truly extreme liberals and anarchists. They would often receive their commands through Tik Tok. Their idea about Trump is exactly how the media portrays him. Their symbolic leader, AOC, is not a random Congresswoman who happened to hate Trump. In fact, she was picked among the 10,000 applicants by founders of “Justice Democrats”, a progressive democrat/communist organization, as THE trainee for a “community leader” in the Congress.

Americans more than ever see the invasion of communism on their doorstep. However, no one can see the true nature of the communism better than the Chinese nationals who belong to the Whistleblower Movement. This group in particular sees Trump as the last hope to destroy the infiltration and subversion of the CCP specter.

This group of people did not appear overnight. For three years, they have been making noises almost on daily basis on the Internet, either when Miles Guo or Lude was holding their regular podcasts. This group has made it clear that their agenda is a political one. They faithfully follow their leader Miles Guo and denounce the CCP. Their theme has been to expose to the world how the Chinese Communist Party systemically penetrated the greatest country on earth: The United States of America.

As people with conscience within the Communist regime fed Miles Guo insider’s information in the past three years, the Whistleblower Movement followers have always been in the front row to get a close-up on how corrupt the American system has become since Henry Kissinger took a secret trip to China from Pakistan in 1971. It started with collusion, then grew into corruption and subversion. Recently, when the Hunter Biden laptop scandal drew worldwide attention, Lude broke the story of the truth behind the death of the 36 Mainland China-based “CIA assets”, as Steve Bannon called during his podcast “War Room Pandemic”.  When Lude told his audience that the person who was responsible for the execution of these 36 Chinese agents, their heart sank. It was Joe Biden who handed the names of these people to Xi Jinping who then ordered their execution and 20 plus others who worked for them. 

Many of the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement live in a totally different world within the Great Firewall of China. They break through the firewall, as Steve Bannon famously said, to watch Miles Guo, Lude, and the War Room. As a result, what they see behind the Democrats is a dark specter, the specter of the Chinese communism. It found its way to America from China, 170 years after its creation by Karl Marx in Germany. More than anybody else, the Chinese people view President Trump as their last hope for the destruction of the CCP, because their destiny in China is directly associated with the destiny of communism in the US. For them, President Trump has come a long way to finally see what is behind all that is going on in America: the disruption, the violence, the horrible virus, and the election frauds. As each day goes by, they gladly see that President Trump is taking one more step forward to engage in the action, in particular, the destruction of the CCP military force in a matter of 72 hours. Soon, time will tell that President Trump’s victory of the presidential election is the victory of the good against the evil, and the Western civilization at God’s will against Satan’s specter in the name of Communism. Let’s drive back where it had come from: Hell! In the end, Donald J. Trump will be remembered as the US President who destroyed the specter of the CCP.

Reviewer: Ivy

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