Summary of Mr.Mask Show(19/11/2020)

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There has been so many exciting news lately that we can see the collapse of the CCP is approaching quickly. As mentioned in Mr. Guo’s live broadcast today, the experts in President’ Trump’s team will make sure that no matter how the opponent moves, President Trump will definitely win in the end. We don’t need to worry about the outcome of the election. Once the dust settles for the general election, a series of foreign policies will be implemented to take down the CCP.  

Secretary of State Pompeo said in Europe, especially in France, that if we don’t unite to fight against the CCP, we will likely become a colony of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has been trying to destroy the democratic legal system and culture of the Western countries, and rule the world with its dictatorship. The purpose of his trip is to form alliances and unite the world to make strategic preparations for the ultimate elimination of the CCP. The Acting Secretary of Defense Miller and the newly appointed Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Commerce have one thing in common – they will never appease the CCP and their attitude toward CCP is much more hostile than their predecessors. After mentioning that the CCP’s maritime military forces could be destroyed within 72 hours, today Acting Secretary of Defense Miller made another shocking announcement that all special operation forces would report directly to him. This change signals that President Trump and he can decide on many military actions including decapitation strikes and demilitarization of South China Sea. Maybe soon the central headquarter (Zhongnanhai) of the CCP will go down in flames.

Mr. Guo revealed there have been some recent victories in certain areas and we would expect to see the results tomorrow. Please stay tuned for Mr. Guo’s live stream tomorrow!

Mr. Guo also mentioned that the Americans are much wiser than us. No matter what the local court decisions are, President Trump’s team will keep fighting until the cases reach the U.S. Supreme Court. As long as no one in these states is willing to certify the election result, it is a big win. Overseas operations are also ongoing. Have you noticed what has happened in the financial market, the bulk trade, and the currency systems?

President Trump will win the election. After that, which country will have an election next? The entire global economic, political, and military environments have shifted irreversibly toward taking down the CCP. Don’t forget that holding the CCP accountable for the virus is critical to the elimination of the CCP globally. In addition, given that the CCP interfered with the US election and destroyed the democratic institutions of Hong Kong, the internal tension is intensifying within the CCP.

As discussed by Mr. Guo and the Kennan-style paper on China “The Elements of the China Challenge”, despite its seemingly strong control, the CCP is facing severe internal and external conflicts. As we can see from the CCP’s ban on Chinese citizens’ international travel and passport issuance, the CCP fears its collapse so much that it is trying to hold 1.4 billion Chinese people hostage. In fact, the Chinese people have been suffering and they are all eager to see the collapse of the CCP.

After the Kennan-style paper on China released by the State department, on Tuesday AXIOS media revealed that the State Department will soon issue a policy plan to deal with the CCP’s rise as a authoritarian superpower and call for a strong global coalition dedicated to the restoration of constitutional democracy. Let’s take a look at some of the contents of the Kenan-style paper, which is related to what Mr. Guo mentioned earlier about the joined efforts to take down the CCP. When the United States announced that it would fight with NATO against the Soviet Union, the world had no other choice. It is consistent with the actions taken by Secretary Pompeo to unite all forces possible to fight against the CCP. The CCP has infiltrated the U.S. much more than the Soviet Union, so it will take some time to drain the swamp. But the global efforts to eliminate the CCP have already started, as can be seen by recent appointment of the Acting Secretary of Defense and many government officials who are all strongly against the CCP. Now Secretary Pompeo is not only calling for such efforts but also putting them into action. This 70-page unclassified paper called “The Elements of the China Challenge” draws inspiration from the influential article published by U.S. diplomat George Kennan, which first introduced the idea of containment as a strategy to deal with the Soviet Union. The report focuses on the CCP’s harmful conduct and its ideological sources and points out that meeting the CCP challenge requires the United States to return to the fundamentals.

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