The Five Eyes Alliance’s statement supporting HK enraged the CCP, and Zhao Lijian used offensive language during press conference

Translated by billwilliam; Reviewer: Wencheng

On November 18, the US State Dept’s website published a statement by the Five Eyes Alliance in support of Hongkong. This is a joint statement by the Foreign Ministers of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK, and the US Secretary of State. This statement condemned the CCP for further eroding Hongkong’s autonomy and democracy after implementing the National Security Law and postponing the HK Legislative Council election scheduled in this September.

The Five Eyes Alliance’s statement completely shamed and enraged the CCP, whose Foreign Ministry “warrior wolf” spokesperson Zhao Lijian responded with offensive language. Zhao said: Whether they have five eyes or ten eyes, if they dare to damage China’s sovereignty and interests, their eyes may be poked out!

Zhao said that the People’s Congress’s decision to disqualify Hongkong’s lawmakers is a necessity to uphold the “One Country Two Systems” and to maintain stability in Hongkong.

Zhao Lijian’s blatant lies are of the same logic as the fraud in the US election. His offensive language during the press conference is a show of the CCP’s force in diplomacy. The CCP tore up the Sino-British Joint Statement and pushed for the National Security Law by force. These actions demonstrate the CCP is an illegitimate regime and an unrestricted terrorist organization. Its mad attempt to manipulate the US election and enslave the humankind will be punished by justice.

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5 months ago

hongkong’s people is great, take down the ccp

5 months ago

Poke out 5 eyes alliance ? of course, CCP poked out 50 millions Chinese eyes already