HK’s Pro-CCP camp passed six appropriations in just over an hour

Translator: PureHeart-Yuan; Reviewer: Wencheng

The CCP speeds up the hollowing out of the Public Works Group meeting of the Hong Kong Legislature.

In a Facebook post this evening, Mrs. Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor mentioned that at this morning’s meeting of the Legislative Council’s Public Works Subcommittee, the appropriations for six projects, including the construction of government office buildings, the addition of pedestrian facilities and the upgrading of waterworks facilities, were approved in just over an hour, demonstrating the legislators’ constitutional function of monitoring the government and their commitment to the well-being of people’s livelihood.

Mrs. Lam Cheng Yu said that the projects supported by pro-establishment legislators today are all beneficial to the economy and people’s livelihood, such as relocating departments currently located in the Wan Chai North Government Offices to other districts to make room for the expansion of convention and exhibition facilities and to alleviate traffic pressure in the district. She also cited that, with the current high unemployment rate, accelerating the projects can create jobs, estimating that the six projects today can create 1,800 jobs.

Mrs. Lam pointed out that in order to get the project started as soon as possible, the government has already invited bids for three of the projects, and the bidding process for the remaining projects will also be started, so that the project can start as soon as the Finance Committee approves the funding later.


A few days ago, the National People’s Congress (NPC) authorized four legislators of the Hong Kong Communist Government and 15 pro-democracy legislators to resign in protest. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor was asked when she met with reporters that the loss of democratic voices in the legislature would result in the speedy passage of controversial bills, and she said it would make the government’s work more efficient, “We are even more excited that the legislature can pass the bill as soon as possible.

Obviously, after Lam Cheng cleansed the Legislative Council of all opposition, the Legislative Council officially became a rubber stamp, passing six project appropriations in just over an hour, unimpeded and quickly.

Some groups say the Hong Kong government has been slow to deliver some unemployment benefits. Lam Cheng estimates that today’s six projects will create 1,800 jobs. Lam Cheng sees these 1,800 jobs, but forgets about the future of Hong Kong people.

In the face of massive unemployment in our society, has Lam Cheng ever considered the livelihood of Hong Kong people? Today’s quick approval of the funding for the project will be followed by other projects to be approved in the future. We all understand that the interest group behind these white elephant projects is the Chinese Communist Party, and that the Lin Cheng government is abusing its public power to take money from Hong Kong taxpayers to please the Central Government, vowing to empty Hong Kong’s purse.


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4 months ago

The Chinese people have the right to democracy