I want more…

Author: Jin Wang @Himalaya Farm-San Francisco – Jinxi

I want more…

More beautiful sunrises and colorfully painted sunset skies

More rolling in and out of bed with hope, meaning and purpose

More afternoons with no noise…no plans

I want to roam in a garden bursting with flowers vibrant, fragrant and sweet

More oceans to swim naked and free where soft and warm shores await to greet   

More poetry to write of beauty, of passion…of Light & Love

More mountains to climb amongst majestic lush trees

More wisdom to open these eyes to see in and between

More courage to get me through life’s twists and turns

More allowances to make mistakes

More patience to make amends

More stillness, more harmony…more peace

More joyous and silly laughter to share with the dearest and most beloved friends

More heartfelt moments that render all contemplations meaningless calming the restless mind

More poetry to write of beauty, of passion…of Light & Love

More sway in my hips strolling along Life’s winding paths 

And a soothing breeze to quench these thirsty inquisitive lips

More gazing through the eyes of the innocent child within singing a merry song

More finding shapes in mystic clouds as they pass slowly by

 More moonlit nights where hearts are free to dance and play like shooting stars 

More dreams that propel me far and beyond all time and space

More moments that leave me breathlessly breathless again and again…

More time connected to the precious moments here and now

More present, more conscious, more awake…more alive

More truths and freedoms we were born to honor, cherish, protect and keep

More prayers for the world to heal and rise from the wounds of anger, of fear and the pains of the past

More hearts that believe in the goodness and compassion for one another…for all

More reasons to celebrate the seasons come Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

More hope in others that share selflessly to those less fortunate with open and gracious hands

More giving thanks for the gifts and blessings of the Eternal Light

And praise to the Loving Heavenly Spirit above

I want more…

More Joy

More Life

More Peace

More Patience

More Kindness

More Acceptance

More Passion 

More Warmth

More Hope

More Light

More Love

More Love

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1 year ago

What a beautiful poem!
Thank you Jin Wang for inspiring me!
I want More truths and freedoms we were born to honor, cherish, protect and keep

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