CCP Virus Pandemic Updates EP 292

1.CCP virus pandemic outbreak: Four places in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Anhui have been upgraded to medium-risk areas and entered wartime conditions.

2. CCP virus pandemic broke out in many places in Shandong,  and CCP shift the source of the virus to imported seafood.

3. Sun Dawu, a well-known Chinese entrepreneur and founder of the Hebei Dawu Livestock Farming Group Co.,Ltd., was taken away by the police early yesterday morning. It is rumored that he had offended the CCP for his opinions.

4. The CCP media “Reference News” headlines created public opinion in China: Biden moved quickly to prepare for the White House.

5. Facing the embarrassment of US economic sanctions and large-scale withdrawal of foreign capital, the CCP  media desperately promoted the digital virtual economy.

6. At Nov. 11 2020, The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of CCP decided to disqulify legislators of the Hong Kong Legislative Council who do not support the CCP.

7. History will not forget this date last year in Hong Kong: on Nov. 11, 2019, the CCP police fired at unarmed people.

8. (Sec. Pompeo, 11/10) Those pillars of strength and candor are also the foundation for America’s policy towards the world’s number-one threat to freedom today: the Chinese Communist Party. It is authoritarian; it is brutish and is antithetical to human dignity and freedom.

And we’ve stated clearly and consistently that the United States-China relations will not be dictated by exceptions carved out by the party, but by the simple and powerful standards expected of any nation with aspirations to play a role on the global stage.

That means what we’ve told our counterparts in China – accountability, transparency, reciprocity from Beijing. This is exactly what President Reagan demanded from Moscow.

9. (11/9) (Liz Yore, on Archbishop Viganò’s letter 11/8)

He was a whistleblower himself, he was Nuncio, the ambassador to the United States from the Vatican, so he understands the deep state and he understands the deep church as he calls it.

He calls this “a colossal electoral fraud”.

This is Viganò: “Reality no longer matters… Covid and Biden are two holograms, two artificial creations, ready to be adapted… to contingent needs or respectively replaced when necessary with Covid-21 and Kamala Harris.”

And he also points out that, in the deep state is Joe Biden, John Podesta and Ted McCarrick.

10. (11/11)  A certain PLA regiment, yesterday, due to so-called “soldiers wasting food”, some soldiers were disciplined and all armies were notified.

What’s more ridiculous is, as this insider friend said, his superior two ranks above him took command himself and was present, in person, at the assembly where those soldiers were publicly criticized.

This was the CCP making an example of a few to scare the rest.

When I saw this message, I said “Oh crap, there will be big problems with the food supply in China.”

When even the PLA has started to restrict food consumption and to preserve food,  it means something big is looming.

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