CCP Virus Pandemic Updates EP 293

1. The Communist China industrializes medical care, not only to make money from the sick, but also to compile news stories to fool people into saying that the government organizes purchases to bargain for them.

2. A student in Shanghai was found to be from an outbreak area and the hospital tested him twice, and both were negative. The CCP nucleic acid screening technology is so flawed that it is only 30% accurate, which is why the two tests were needed.

3. On November 12, unexplained cases of tuberculosis flared up at Nanjing Forestry University. The  CDC of Nanjing claimed that it was unclear how many cases there were, and school staff said infected students had been quarantined out of school.

4. The CCP smashed the disabled person’s wheelchair: Government officials smashed the disabled petitioner Zhu Jianqiang’s wheelchair on which he was sitting on helplessly.

5. The TikTok filed a legal suit to delay the app ban in the US for 30 days in order to see whether US would change its policy towards the CCP if  Biden had been elected through fraud voting.

6. All pro-democratic legislators resigned.The CCP has completely controlled the Hong Kong Legislative Council and Hong Kong’s judicial system. Framing and planting anti-extradition people will be more serious.

7. Anniversary of CUHK’s Resistence.

On November 12, 2019, the brave students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) defended their campus against the CCP occupiers. It was a war of civilization against barbarism, of civilians against power.

8. (Arirang News, 11/11) More than a week has passed since polls closed for the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 3rd, and Georgia will conduct a recount of all paper ballots. The state allows a recount if the margin of victory falls within 0.5 percentage points. It aims to finish the process by Nov. 20th. The announcement comes amid growing pressure from the Trump campaign and accusations of mismanagement of the election process.

9. (Steve Bannon, 11/10) They want to you be a drone. They want you to be an automaton… and then serve up your children to be in the armed forces as they go around with their neo-liberal and neo-con policies that they want us everywhere in the world, right… stick on their nose in everybody’s business instead of focusing on the existential threats that threaten the entire world system and imprison and enslave the world and the workers of the world. That’s the globalist system that Joe Biden’s a part of, Joe Biden’s on the pay-roll of, Joe Biden has supported.

10. (11/11) Right now, in America as you can see, it’s not a win-lose question for the Democratic Party and Biden.They even lost both the House and the Senate, also military. The Secretary of Defense was fired, right? Who was appointed as replacement? General Flynn’s people. And who is General Flynn? General Flynn, he is the one who hates the CCP the most. Everyone around him, assistants, lawyers, people from his team and office in the past, they will all be appointed to key positions. His people will be in not only the DoD, FBI or DoJ but in other places. They are the true military and intelligence experts in the world. What I can tell you now is, without the Whistleblower Movement, the American people wouldn’t have been awakened; couldn’t have averted this disaster, and the world would have paid a much higher price this time.

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