The tragedy of women under the CCP’s Governance—The Death of a Female Nurse Deng Juan

Translator: Dezhou Ruiqiu; Reviewer: Wencheng

Recently, Deng Juan, a 26-year-old beautiful nurse in Anhui Province, died strangely by hanging on the roof of the hospital’s deputy dean’s residential complex. She left a handwritten suicide note before she died; which stated that she was beaten and raped by the deputy dean of the hospital many times.

According to a NTDTV report on November 16, 2020 Beijing time, on the 14th, Deng Juan died strangely on the roof of the hospital’s deputy dean’s residential complex. Mr. Deng, the cousin of the deceased, said that Deng Juan was 26 years old and she was a nurse worked at Langxi County People’s Hospital in Anhui Province. The forensic examination ruled out homicide; and the police finally determined that Deng Juan was suicide.

The content on Deng Juan’s phone was very abnormal. There was no records of phone call or text messages. When opened her WeChat App, it logged into her alternative account automatically. In this alternative account, there was only one contact, Chen Jin, who is the deputy dean of the hospital; however, there was no communication history under this account. The text messages had been recovered by the police, showing that Chen Jin was married; while Deng Juan did abortions twice because of him.

On the day of the incident, Deng Juan told her parents that she was going to work; however, the WeChat records showed that she requested a day off to the hospital around 7 o’clock that day. The body was discovered by a friend of the deputy dean of the hospital. The hospital responded that they were doing investigation; while, the local police closed the case with ruling out the criminal case possibility.

Deng Juan left a handwritten suicide note before she died. On the note, she stated that, “I cannot stand it anymore. I’m sorry, mom. Since the abortion, Chen (XX) lied to me countless times…”

Deng Juan’s family questioned the suicide conclusion given by the police. Deng’s father posted a letter on Weibo stating that his daughter Deng Juan had a very lively personality. However, she was continuously raped by Chen Jin, the deputy dean of the hospital, while she was working in the hospital. Deng Juan’s father believed that the death of her daughter was related to Chen Jin.

According to the letter posted online, it stated that Deng Juan had been raped by Chen Jin since October 16, 2019. She was tricked by Chen Jin into attending a hospital management meeting, where she was not supposed to be there. Deng Juan was forced to drink lots of alcohol by many people. Afterwards, she was taken to a room and raped by Chen Jin. Deng Juan’s father stated that as they came from a peasant family, Deng Juan was timid and was afraid of Chen Jin’s influence. Therefore, she was too scary to speak it up.

As she was raped by Chen Jin, Deng Juan got pregnant at the ending of 2019. Chen Jin took her to do abortion out of the town. During the abortion and hospitalization, Deng Juan was beaten by Chen Jin’s wife and abused by Chen Jin verbally. In 2020, Chen Jin continued to coax Deng Juan, and abused her occasionally. Two days before Deng Juan’s death, she received a phone call and was beaten after going out. The bruises and blood clots on her body shocked her family. Deng Juan also had been mental abused as Chen Jin insulted her in front of the police and hospital leaders. Deng Juan’s family provided a diagnosis report from Nanjing Brain Hospital showing that Deng Juan was diagnosed with “depression” in October 2019.

In Deng’s father’s letter, it stated that the place where Deng Juan died was on the top of the 11th floor of Chen Jin’s residential complex. She was kneeling when she died; kneeling under the outer rack of the air conditioner. The outer rack of the air conditioner was only a little bit more than one meter above the ground; however, Deng Juan’s height was more than 1.6 meters. Thus, he believed that all the signs of Deng Juan’s death are unreasonable.

The letter also stated that the police have not yet provided a reasonable explanation for the assault, rape, and death of the deceased. Chen Jin, the perpetrator of the incident is still safe. Deng Juan’s family does not believe the suicide conclusion given by the police, and wants to conduct a second autopsy by the authority to let the truth come to light. Deng Juan’s family wants more media to report this to make Deng Juan rest in peace.

However, Deng’s father’s letter and other related distress messages were blocked on Weibo.

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