GTV & Gnews are adhering to the only truth prevails and the soaring ranks in the world!

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The effectiveness of GTV and GNEWS has demonstrated the power of the truth-seeking media and the unity of the people of the New China Federation. The comrades-in-arms fought successively on various social battlefields, fighting against the mainstream and social media that spread false information. In particular, 13 days before the US presidential election, GTV and GNEWS sent; the hard disks from hell and, the information exchanged by their comrades. The followers shared the life-threatening information without fear to the world in a real, legal and timely manner.

When all the mainstream media and the emerging social media are bias and lying, and when these media are firmly in the hands of the capital forces behind them, we can see that the United States and the Western world have never been so dark as they are today. The fourth-power media considered by the United States and the Western democratic world has become an accomplice and tool of evil forces. Without GTV and GNEWS, the world would be trapped in a dark confusion of inverted black and white, no distinction between right and wrong, and distortion of good and evil. The emergence of GTV and GNEWS and their adhering to the principle of only truth and unbreakable have been recognized globally, which shows the public’s desire for truth and the huge market for it.

According to the website ranking statistics of the network analysis website Alexa on November 7, 2020, GTV.ORG ranked 26465 globally (42306 90 days ago), 3991 in the United States, and has entered the top 50 in the news category. The global ranking has risen 15,841 places from 3 months ago to today. GNEWS.ORG’s Alexa global ranking is 25,127 (80,465 90 days ago), the global ranking has risen by 55,338 from 3 months ago to today, ranking 3927 in the United States. This is the only miracle in the history of news.

From the following two visualisations, we can see that the largest visitor groups of the two websites are from the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Considering VPN users in mainland China, this ratio should include VPN access addresses from the mainland.

We compared GTV and Gnews with the world’s top 15 most popular traditional news sites. These 15 most popular traditional news websites are derived from eBizMBA based on the real-time update of Quantcast’s US traffic rankings for each website and Alexa and SimilarWeb’s global website traffic rankings.


This is a statistical table made by the author based on Alexa’s ranking data as of November 7, 2020. A few notes:

·               The statistical table only compares the value of GTV as a news website, but everyone knows that GTV is not only a news website, it also has other comprehensive functions such as social networking.


·               According to Alexa based solely on its estimated advertising revenue, is valued at US$1,649,052 and is valued at US$2,297,352. It should be noted that GTV and GNEWS have not yet been opened to the advertising market, so Alexa’s valuation does not fully reflect the true market value of GTV and GNEWS.

Most famous News ChannelAbbreviationGlob RankingU.S RankingIncrease in rank from 3 months agoWebsite Valuation
雅虎新闻116Not provideUS$7,788,574,146
谷歌新闻11Not provideUS$320,223,511,652  
赫芬顿邮报844200Ranking Down 19US$ 37,197,166
华尔街时报433118Ranking down 6US$80,055,420  
BBC新闻8868Ranking down 4US$552,248,007
洛杉矶时报1548384Ranking Down 77US$ 17,382,574

From the above table, we can see that the third-ranked Huffington Post dropped 19 places in three months. The Wall Street Times, which frequently slanders Mr. Guo Wengui, dropped 6 places in three months. The BBC, who interviewed Mr. Guo and deleted the interview record, dropped four places. According to data from Alexa, the ABC News Channel of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which reported that the CCP agent Pan Lin is deeply controlled by the CCP, dropped 34 places in its ranking within three months. Compared with the decline of some old-brand media, our GTV and GNEWS are taking off to increase the speed of light to 15,841 and 55,338. The future world is a media that is only true.

Translator: Hakunamatata

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