Lude Media Evening Brief on Nov 12, 2020

Compiled by Dictation Group, Translated by English Group, Produced by Himalaya Korea Farm


1.Trump declared a national emergency.
2.CCP threatens the US homeland and US forces overseas.
3.Trump are carrying out the provisions of the Executive order.
4.The public opinion is not enough to win a election.
5.The acting SecDef is an expert in countering the terrorism.
6.The Secretary of State is taking actions.
7.America will take down the CCP first in any event.
8.Lin Wood tweeted that virus is the weapon to attack America.
9.Lin tweeted on behalf of the President.
10.Lin’s tweet conveys many messages, especially when a national emergency is declared.
11.It took only 10 days before sanctioning Huawei after Trump declared a national emergency last time.
12.More means of sanction in different fields are coming as well as the economic decoupling.


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