Summary of Mr.Mask Show(18/11/2020)

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1. Today the Internet is flooded with one hottest words , which is 72 hours. On October 17, 2018, Mr. Guo talked about the US military’s 72-hour plan to demolish the South China Sea, which was once again proposed after the appointment of a new Secretary of Defense at the critical moment of the US presidential election. It is a very serious matter that president Trump ordered the Pentagon to strategically withdraw 2,500 U.S. troops from the Middle East. The strategic withdrawal from the Middle East is absolutely related to the 72-hour plan, which may be in the South China Sea or elsewhere. The actions of the United States have begun to focus on all aspects. Where is the focus on? Chinese Communist Party !

2. The 72-hour plan is by no means just a threat or intimidation paper work. It is a real. The Whistleblower Movement tells the truth. Miles Guo must have information about the 72-hours. The most reliable person has the most reliable news. Miles Guo knew it very early, so he could whistleblowed the 72-hours. The U.S. military is much more aware of CCP than other departments are and will be more fully prepared. Under the background of almost destroyed by the CCP ,the United States Secretary of Defense who has just been appointed by President Trump spoke these words, it means a lot.

3. In the live video on October 17, 2018, Mr. Guo said that no matter who is the president of the United States, no one can stop the strategic shift. It was an inevitable consequence that Vice President Mike Pence would not give a speech in Hudson Institute if it is not agreed by U.S. House of Representatives, Treasury Department, Pentagon, and all other departments. Miles Guo asked one of the current top three figures in the United States:’’ if there is a military conflict in Asia, what will be the result; if there is a military conflict in the Middle East, what will be the result?” The man touched his mustache and said, “that is a good question, Miles. I am going to answer your question. He said, “if you asked this question before, I wouldn’t answer you. now I can answer you.” He said: “I tell you that in Asia, especially the conflict in China, we have absolute confidence to completely end any form of war within one week. It could be shorter, which it will not exceed 72 hours.” The United States has formulated this strategy, no matter what the circumstances of the war happen in, including the fight against Taiwan. As long as the people of Taiwan stand up and resist, saying: we now ask the United States to intervene. He said that the U.S. military will assist to fight the war within one week. If there is a problem in the Middle East, if the oil is controlled by CCP or if Iran sank a tanker in the Strait of Hormuz to close the strait. The United States has had a military plan for the past few decades, which is 12 hours in and 12 hours out. The 12 hours as fast can enter Kuwait, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, including several large oil fields in Iran, and then save the oil fields. The reason is simple to protect the energy production lines on which mankind depends. Saying that the United States always had this policy they can leave within 12 hours. That is not a joke. This is why the United States has troops stationed. If there is a CCP entry in the Middle East, we can definitely win it in 12 hours. In Asia, we have 72-hour and one-week combat plans and various combat plans. The US military is by no means joking.”

4. Through this video, we can know that this 72-hour plan has a long history in the United States. The US military has been long prepared for the menace of CCP. This is a very mature combat system, and it is definitely a one-time strike capability. Miles Guo said that the six pillars of the world include Israel’s anti-war capabilities. United States, Israel, and other forces will definitely unite at the most critical moment. Why is the United States so strong, why is it said to be the chosen country, and why is it so great? Because the United States can do whatever you can imagine and what they can is beyond your imagination. This is why the United States dare to say the 72-hours.

The Reuters News Department published a report stating that Trump solicited opinions from national security officials on cracking down Iran last week, but ultimately decided not to act. The United States will fall into the quagmire settled for the United States by CCP after hitting Iran. The CCP is the force of continuous blood transfusion to Iran and North Korea. All the problems can be solved easily after eliminating the CCP .

Mr. Bannon also made it clear in the War room that Iran should not be bombed. Iran is just the CCP’s subordinate It is necessary to hit the CCP with a heavy hammer . The Iranians will stay away from the CCP after cutting off the supply of their US dollars. The United States must drain the swamp if it wants to destroy communism and replace all pro-communist factions with communist-destroying factions. Do not play Tai Chi with CCP, do not talk about trade wars, and do not talk about other things, directly decouple or launch more severe actions such as the demolition of the South China Sea.

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