Boom! The Agent Responsible for Prosecuting Mr. Miles Guo as a Sino-US Double Agent Has Collected Legal Fees From the CCP and Will Face Prosecution!

Editor: Gravitationalwave 引力波

A recent document from the Southern District of New York once again confirmed the truth that Mr. Guo Wengui had long revealed to the public about the CCP’s cultivation agents infiltrating the United States and using American laws to corrupt the American system.

The document states:

Strategic Vision US, LLC (“Strategic”) asserts an affirmative fraud claim based on the premise that its principals are ardently anti-communist and would never do business with anyone who has ties to the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”).  At the same time, Strategic refuses to answer questions about whether its legal bills to pursue that very fraud claim are being paid by CCP-backed individuals or entities.  Strategic cannot have it both ways.  

more importantly:

813 Ministry of Justice documents have clearly proved that Mr. Guo is a protected “Chinese dissident”, and Elliott Broidy and Nickie Mali Lum Davis have been prosecuted for accepting bribes from the Chinese Communist Party to lobby for the repatriation of Mr. Guo and have pleaded guilty.  In this case, Strategy’s evasive attitude makes us suspect that Broidy and Davis paid for Strategy to illegally act as overseas agents to accuse Mr. Guo, and the money actually came from the CCP.

French Wallop and J. Michael Waller, the two principals of Strategy, are panicking now, because they know what they are facing. The results of Broidy and Davis will also happen to them.

The dark forces of the CCP have infiltrated into the foundation of American society: the legal system. The CCP used the American legal system to corrupt American society and cultivated a group of dark legal thugs. Now this action to drain the swamp has gone deep into the swamp. Using this case as a clue, Mr. Miles Guo exposed many monsters that brought out the swamp to the sun.

Those spy agents trained by the CCP who pretend to be anti-communists, you are next.

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3 months ago

Punish the ccp’s accomplice



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