“LUDE Media” Thriller Reveal: How the CCP Is Using “Chinese Character Input Method” to Manipulate the United States! President Trump Will Strike the CCP Before His Inauguration!

The November 16, 2020 evening episode of LUDE Media interpreted media reports. President Trump is about to launch a focused strike on the CCP before his inauguration. The well-known lawyer Powell called the election fraud a criminal case and thoroughly explained how the CCP is using the Chinese character input method to manipulate America.


President Trump is about to launch a focused strikeon the CCP before his inauguration.

According to the New York Post’s latest news report[1], a senior official in the Trump administration told the New York Post that in the next few weeks, the Trump administration will continue to expand the depth and width of the historic effort taken in the last four years to protect the vital interests of the United States and its allies against Beijing’s predatory and coercive behavior.


In previous episodes, LUDE Media broke the news that President Trump has made up his mind to take down the CCP and will strike a major blow against the CCP before his inauguration. In the past two days, media began to scramble to report this news. The reports also mentioned that President Trump may act against the CCP in several ways. The first is to prohibit the CCP from stealing American technology, and next to impose sanctions on officials who endanger Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

It is obvious from this news that –

1. The focus of these reports is that President Trump will strike the CCP before his inauguration. Other relevant news reports are mostly balanced reports, which may not be credible.

2. LUDE Media once again “guessed” right, and LUDE Media had also reminded President Trump to use the truth of the virus to eliminate the CCP before the election, otherwise the CCP will use the U.S. election to attack President Trump. This is proven true once again. All these have proven that the Whistleblower Movement has the absolute strength to “stand in the future to talk about history.”

3. Other news media used the language “crackdown” instead of “take down” in their articles. “Crackdown” in the US judicial system is similar to China’s “strike hard.” It refers to a severe crackdown completely focused on a certain organization’s criminal activities by concentrating laws and other forces.

4. President Trump originally hoped to defeat the CCP through a trade war by raising tariffs to force the CCP to surrender. Not only did the CCP not give up, but it intensified its efforts instead. They not only increased their efforts to crack down on Hong Kong and Xinjiang and released the CCP virus to the world, they also fabricated votes to interfere in the U.S. presidential election in an attempt to overthrow the Trump administration. This made President Trump determined to completely annihilate the CCP.

5. Now the Trump team is launching a legal battle over election fraud. At the same time, after going through this election, President Trump has clearly realized that his pro-communist aides are not helping him but are instead helping the CCP. This has prompted him to adjust the candidates for important positions, to drain the swamp completely, and to unify internal forces to take down the CCP.

6. It is mentioned in the news that President Trump may impose sanctions on officials who endanger Xinjiang and Hong Kong. We hope President Trump will raise the sanction level up to members of the CCP’s central committee to strike a major blow on the highest-ranking officials.

The famous lawyer Powell called the election fraud a criminal case.

The well-known lawyer Powell said in an interview with FOX News[2] that the Dominion system can not only monitor voting data in real time, but also directly manipulate and modify the number of votes. This is a large-scale criminal case of election fraud involving at least 29 states. The truth will completely shock every American when it is revealed.


From Ms. Powell’s words, we can see that –

1. The evidence provided by Ms. Powell has a complete chain of logic and is absolutely true and reliable.

2. The source code of all English letters comes from Microsoft, and the source code of Chinese characters comes from the Founder Group. All development and transfers are performed based on the source code foundation. If there is Chinese input, the CCP has back-end control. Mr. Miles Guo was once the largest shareholder of the Founder Group. He has warned the US government about the Chinese character input threat for years. Any foreign software may be monitored by the CCP as long as it contains the Chinese character input method and, in this way, the CCP can manipulate the program at the level of the binary source code to conduct espionage through Chinese character input.

3. Internet core domain – root domain name and text root code, whoever controls these two fields can control everything. All network information must be based on text, so it has to utilize the word library, which requires permission. This must require the text root code. As long as Chinese characters are involved, it would be closely associated with the Founder Group. This is the “human wave tactics” deployed by the CCP in computer languages. It can be fully realized without superb technology, which is like the research and development of the CCP’s new coronavirus. This is the evilness of the CCP.

4. The system is controlled by Alibaba, Jack Ma, Sequoia Capital, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, etc., which undoubtedly confirms that the national security of the United States has been seriously threatened by communist forces.

5. Monitoring and prosecution of the CCP must be conducted through the FISA court. Only intelligence-based support can track the CCP’s actions. At the same time, the CCP internal personnel must rise up as witnesses to assist with prosecuting the CCP, and the allies of the Whistleblower Movement have long been involved. Countless brothers-in-arms will surely rise up in the near future.


Without the Whistleblower Movement, the entire humanity will face a huge threat from the CCP. Please continue to spread the truth and witness how the Whistleblower Movement influences human history!


[1] https://nypost.com/2020/11/16/trump-to-implement-china-crackdown-before-biden-takes-office/
[2] https://twitter.com/GHimalaya2/status/1328496893018587137

Author:【重生】Chinese proofreader:【Isaiah4031】Translator:【Key】Proofreader:【Clouds】Editor:【TINALS】

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