Spain media ask for the truth about the virus, Chinese Communist Party’s crimes cannot be covered up.

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1.3 Million Lives for One Truth? Nius Diario, a Spanish media outlet, published an article entitled “A year has passed since the Patient 1 was reported to have been infected in China, but there is still no trace of Patient 0” on September 17, 2012, hoping for an independent investigation into the origin of the virus.

According to the report, it has been exactly one year since the Nov. 17, 2019 patient, and more than 1.3 million people have died worldwide from the Chinese Communist Party virus (Covid-19), yet an independent investigation into the origin of the virus has still not been completed. China has consistently rejected requests for international investigations by governments such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Germany, which have denounced the Communist Party’s lack of transparency.

The same day, the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece “The Paper” published an article titled “Britain may find “Patient Zero”: a man said he was infected last September, went to Italy”, said a 67-year-old man in Britain recently revealed that he traveled to Rome, Italy last September (2019), after returning from a trip to show symptoms of infection with the coronavirus, suspecting that he is the first case of infection in Britain.

At a time when the international community is strongly calling for an investigation into the truth, the Chinese Communist Party has spared no effort to conceal the evil of its viral weapon by fabricating lie after lie, from fabricating fake virus sequences to planting poison in animals, and now it is actually dumping the blame abroad. But all the lies appeared pale in the face of the simple fact that he did not dare or allow independent third-party investigators to access all the labs and sites involved.

The Chinese Communist Party owes the world the truth that the only way to eliminate the virus is to eliminate its source.

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Title: A year has passed since the Patient 1 was reported to have been infected in China, but there is still no trace of Patient 0.

  • First Chinese patient infected with CCP virus (Covid-19) dating back to Nov. 17, 2019
  • After More Than 1.3 Million Deaths, Still No Independent Investigation into the Origin of the Virus

The history of the first Chinese patient infected with the Chinese Communist Party virus (Covid-19) goes back exactly one year: November 17, 2019. This is definitely a noteworthy date on the Chinese Communist Party virus calendar. But a year later, the identity of the so-called Patient No. 1 has still not emerged. According to an investigation by the South China Morning Post, it is only known that patient one, a 55-year-old man living in Hubei Province. The Hong Kong newspaper obtained confidential documents from the Chinese government, but the Chinese government still refuses to confirm the information.

Since the outbreak was reported in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province and the source of the global epidemic, Chinese scientists have been attempting to map the spread of the CCP virus (Covid-19). They haven’t been able to decipher who Patient Zero is, the first case of animal-to-human transmission, or if there is no animal-to-human transmission at all.

Lack of independent investigation

Since November 17, 1-5 new cases have been registered every day, but it wasn’t until the end of December that doctors realized they were dealing with a new disease, with 60 confirmed cases. Now, after more than 1.3 million deaths, there is still no transparent and independent investigation into the origin of the virus.

China has consistently rejected requests for international investigations by governments such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Germany, which have denounced the Communist Party’s lack of transparency. In February of this year, when there were only three confirmed deaths outside of China, the World Health Organization traveled to Beijing to study the origin of the epidemic and to learn about the “animal source” in hopes of curbing the spread of the CCP virus.

Michael Ryan, director of emergencies at the World Health Organization, said, “If we don’t know the source of the CCP virus, then we will be just as vulnerable to similar viruses in the future.” The U.S. newspaper The New York Times declared, “Understanding the source of this virus is a very important step.”

WHO, questionable

But the experts on the expedition later reported that they were on their knees to Beijing from the first minute. They made a pact with the Chinese Communist Party not to visit either China or its animal sources, nor to go to Wuhan. WHO defended itself by saying that they have indeed focused on understanding the epidemic and “helping all countries to prepare and protect their populations.”

The expert arrived in Geneva empty-handed. They did not visit the Wuhan Seafood Market, which is believed to be the origin of the CCP virus, nor did they visit the Infectious Disease Hospital. In July, a new WHO delegation returned to Beijing, but China remained secretive about the virus. The two experts who went to determine the conditions of the investigation were isolated for two weeks. They interviewed experts by phone, but did not even go to Wuhan.

World Health Organization director Tedros Adhanom had reached an agreement with China in January to share samples of the virus, but that never happened. The role played by WHO has been questioned. WHO has been accused of quietly giving in to the Chinese Communist Party to cover up its failure to manage the virus crisis. U.S. President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the WHO (despite Joe Biden’s promise to bring the U.S. back to the WHO if he wins the Nov. 3 election).

“A Global Study of the Origin of Viruses”

Now, according to documents obtained by The New York Times, Beijing has approved a third attempt by a WHO panel of experts to investigate the true source of the CCP virus (Covid-19) and thus prevent another outbreak in the future. According to the journal Nature, the study consists of two phases: Chinese scientists have already begun the first studies, and based on the findings of these experts, the WHO will send an international team to China to collaborate on mapping the virus’ transmission route.

According to WHO’s director, the organization’s experts and Chinese scientists have already had their first online meeting with Chinese scientists in late October, a visit he described as “a global study of the origin of SARS-CoV-2.” In the report, WHO acknowledges that although the outbreak was first detected in Wuhan, “it is possible that the outbreak started elsewhere, and hypotheses as to exactly how it started are limited due to the paucity of information”.

Experts will examine hospital records to find out if the virus began spreading before November, and investigate the Wuhan market-where wildlife and farm animals are sold. Most researchers believe that the virus originated in bats, but how it got to humans is unclear.

The WHO notes that there may be “more than 500 species that can serve as intermediate hosts, from cats to pangolins.” Finding an animal infected with the CCP virus (SARS-CoV-2) is like looking for a needle in the world’s largest haystack. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University in New York City, said, “It may never be found.”

Asymptomatic cases are the main reason for the rapid expansion of the virus

According to a Columbia University study, undetected or asymptomatic cases are the primary cause of the rapid spread of the CCP virus (Covid-19) epidemic in China. The report was published in the journal Science and was compiled using a computer model. According to the report, 86% of those infected were undetected before the Jan. 23 shutdown of flights to Wuhan.

These invisible infections are only half of the recorded infectiousness (52%), but they are two-thirds of the confirmed source of infection. In addition, these scientists conclude that government efforts at control and public awareness have reduced the rate of virus spread in China. According to the data available so far, China has announced 86,000 cases of infection and the number of deaths has not reached 5,000. The difference between these figures and those of the US and Europe is enormous.

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