War Room: Pandemic Ep 514 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Bannon: We’ll start listening to Henry Kissinger when he comes forward with how much cash money he’s taken from the CCP.

War Room is to bring you the real news and War Room now is listed No.30 in the world on Podcast, including sports, entertainment, lonely hearts, relationship, politics, all of them, war room is 30th  with 20 million downloads even at the constant grill of CCP monitors. Why? Because people in the world, laobaixing, netted together, working class people, middle class people through out of the world, in the common course: freedom and prosperity.

Breaking: Arizona GOP seeks to temporarily bar Maricopa county from certifying the election result.

Midge update on social media: it seems like Twitter is now suspending more journalists. Savannah Hernandez is a conservative producer and journalist and definitely not an extremist by any means. She had her Twitter account permanently suspended last night and this is coming after a re-tweet by the President in the last couple days and over the weekend she was posting videos and documenting the violence that happened on the streets with Antifa after the million man march on Saturday. It seems that the new strategy by Twitter is just to permanently suspend anyone who has been retweeted by the President.

Bannon: Regarding the Fox news: As a business man Murdoch: stood there as that’s opened up center. but we’re not going to counter that with the extremism. He sees CNN’s extreme their point taking 20% and is not going to follow the Trump-ism because they see that as extreme with another 20%. There is a 60% business in between and we’re gonna own the 60% business. This is media worked in capitalism. Murdoch owned NYP, which launched the hard drive from hell, the highly risky thing.

The Fox news viewers had a sense of abandoned when it called Arizona on the night of November 3rd and it changed entire narrative of the evening.

Since Mr. Bannon’s golden days when in media and finance, he’s been saying it’s driven cut by content, you know summer red stone’s aghast that content is king, if you have content. Obviously great distribution, but people will find it, they will make a way to find it, it’s all about the quality of content.

War Room makes sure that you’re getting a briefing every day like we would do a briefing in the board of directors to a Chairman and a CEO and so you’re getting the information. You need to do it with the minimum happy talk and even too much opinion.

The term disintermediation: If not someone else did the disintermediation, Donald Trump would not be President, if it was not for the social media aspects like Twitter, it allowed him to disintermediate. The way he was able to combine with social media. It was that ability to have the fire going social media, particularly Twitter.

Boris Epshteyn from Trump legal team: Democrats tried to use the CCP Virus as a pretense to steal this ELECTION. They tried to pass universal MAIL IN BALLOTS schemes, which are rife with fraud. It’s a disaster around the country.

Chicanery, wrongdoing around the country is being exposed by President TRUMP.

We must ensure that our GOP state legislatures around the country understand it is incumbent upon them to prevent the Democrats from stealing this ELECTION.

Chris Buskirk, editor and Publisher, American Greatness and is now in Arizona: We need to lock up wins with regard to vote certifications.

Vote hasn’t been certified in ARIZONA, but our Secretary of State is a Democrat who has called TRUMP supporters “Nazis”. Team Trump will need to take legal action to halt certification in AZ, MICHIGAN.

President TRUMP should not hunker down in the WHITE HOUSE. Time to come out and have in-person rallies. Donald Trump’s base of support is the American people. He picked up votes in working-class areas, and going forward, there’s a much deeper well we should be drawing from.

His uphill fight has always been against institutions rigged against him.

He should make his case directly to the 74 million people who voted for him.

Republicans need to grapple with the big gap between college educated vs non-college educated.We must rebuild the US in a way where opportunity, wealth are distributed in a way that makes this a middle-class nation, not a plantation nation.

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