Newly minted congressman praises Trump’s contributions to the Republican Party: Just as Lincoln did and Reagan did.

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Darrell Issa, a former California congressman, will return to the House of Representatives next year. He said on “Fox News” on Saturday: “I believe that Donald Trump has added to the Republican Party just as Lincoln did and Reagan did and Goldwater did.”

The California Republican, a nine-term congressman, is an ardent supporter of President Trump. Last week, he just won California’s 50th District, where the Republicans picked up seven of the state’s 53 seats. Issa has led the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and has conducted a series of investigations into the Obama administration.

Issa supports the president’s allegations of massive voter fraud and procedural violations on the ballot, tweeting last week, “President Trump — I stand with you, just as you have stood with me from 2016 until today. The fact that poll watchers are not being allowed to adequately supervise certain recounts is completely unacceptable. This is America. Election integrity comes first.”


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1 year ago

Trump’s achievements are great