The Truth Of Virus (4)——A whistleblower Li-meng Yan from a W.H.O reference laboratory in Hong Kong talks about CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has no vaccine development capabilities or mass production capacities and CCP-made vaccine can’t be trusted in Steven Bannon WAR ROOM interview

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Dr. Li-meng Yan as one guest on” Warroom” talking about a few things, one of the things that come out of the last couple days which is very interesting and it’s bodes for caution concerning these vaccines is this idea that people can get re-infected. Dr. Yan has some information on this from the Hong Kong side. There was recently a paper published by University of Nevada about a young man and otherwise perfect health got the COVID-19 back in March was reinfected in June and here’s the problem his secondary infection put him in the hospital and first one did almost nothing to him. So, this raises a question in the mind of people whether or not there’s going to be some sort of anaphylactic shock for people who may have taken this vaccine, in a later infection.  

Jack:  So Dr. Yan, you and I spoke about this a lot, and I wish you could ran through our listeners some of the reasons why the speed with which we are trying to put these vaccines out could potentially be a long term problem for? 

Dr. Yan:  I mean, briefly let me tell about some points of these vaccines here. So first I’m the one who working for vaccines for several years and I worked in WHO reference lab for the Influenza Universal vaccine. So for me, I have the experience and knowledge about how difficult a vaccine development will be even in a top lab in the world and also here we face to the problem about vaccine is not because we should not believe vaccine at all. I mean vaccine of course help us to prevent the many different diseases in the world. But we need to consider that in rush to produce a novel vaccine will bring us more problem than the virus itself. Here we are talking about SARS-CoV-2. It is an enhanced version of the SARS-1 virus, actually. And that one we have explained it a lot and also I will explain my scientific report soon. So this means what? When you go back to see the history of the SARS vaccine study. You will see that when they try to use an inactivated vaccine or just use whatever vector with some S-protein from the spike protein, from the SARS virus equipped on that. This will lead to adverse effect more than people thought before. And those ones you can say some of them are called antibody-dependent enhancement which is something that means you have the antibody generated by the spike protein as you expected but also the antibody you get at the same time will lead to some adverse effects. Like for example, in some virus like Ebola. They help the entry of the virus and in some other ways bring you a harmful result from the antibodies generated. So this thing will lead to the secondary harms to the people when you are faced with a reinfection with a mutated virus again. 

Jack:  So doctor let me try and explain this for our listeners there is a danger with some of these viruses that if you have a small exposure , it’s kind of like they’re now saying we may have to take 2, 3, 4 dosages of the vaccine to get ourselves up to a level and one of the speculations with the kid in Nevada was that he had a very low infection the first time around that just sort of primed his immune system. But if it primed it in a way that when he got it a second time the reaction was awful. We see these sorts of things sometimes with drugs. For example, an allergic reaction to say penicillin. You might take it the first time. No problem. The second time you got swollen lips and you take a third time and you die. So, this is something that I want you  to reinforce for our audience that creating vaccines and the trials necessary to prove that they are safe and efficacious across racial lines, across genetic differences in the human population, age, etc. To me, I think, many people are starting to question the safety of this. Particularly, when you look at how rigid we are concerning all the other things, like hydroxychloroquine and everything else. Are we rushing to a vaccine in a way that you think will be dangerous for the world going forward?

Dr. Yan:  Rush is definitely dangerous in the vaccine development and also the drug development. That’s why we said when we have already we have the hydroxychloroquine. This is the one which is listed on the safest drug list in WHO website for decades. That is something we should put into priority to consider further application as a prevention and also treatment in this kind of emergency disease like COVID-19. And of course we should support the novel vaccine development and also drug development. But that’s also why we have very strict protocol before about how to do the in vitro and in vivo. I mean in the animal that experiment and then later go into the clinical trial 1, 2, 3 and later. But here, as we know, since COVID-19 already become an unexpected pandemic all over the world , there are also scientists they want to shorten the study trial. If all the good purposes that is to shorten the time for people to finally get their vaccination, but also you should understand in the SARS trial, vaccine trial, before there are many many candidates, too and they get problem when they go to the animal trial like for example they don’t have the good protection as expected or they bring the antibody-dependent enhancement results and all they bring the energy like TH2 which you can briefly think of it like energy in your lungs…

Mr. Bannon:  Dr. Yan, let me just ask you a question for the audiences . But the CCP, I know you worked on the SARS. Which they never came up with the vaccine, correct? In fact, Miles Guo said in 4,000 years the Chinese never came up with even an animal vaccine. How has it been that the Chinese are out with a vaccine that are actually selling to the countries and trying on people from Pakistan all the way I think through Central Asia parts of Central Asia and in China. How, given what you just walk through the reality of doing this correctly and safely? How is the CCP already holding over the Philippines heads “ Hey, give us the South China Sea” “and we’ll give you a vaccine”. 

Dr. Yan:  So we can say, just based on the scientific fact that we can see that the vaccine you want to let people belief it works and they want to do some deal with it because they want their people get protected, right? But these vaccine here, first there is no trial to show you the real data how it exactly protect people and as we know, as I was told that even in Beijing, there are heart problems come out after the vaccination and the adverse effect come to the patient and also from their clinical trial 1 that data published in Lancet. You can see that even the severe adverse effect percentage is quite high reaching to 6 to 17% in different dosages. But when the government, all the scientists if they really try to push this vaccine into the market. They can tell yo something they can play on the words. For example, they tell you we have the neutralization antibody. That’s all they list in the vaccine clinical trial in COVID-19 now. Yes, neutralization antibody in many diseases it is right one to help you to fight with the pathogen when you meet it again. Having neutralizing antibody is good but here we should talk about antibody-dependent enhancement and also the neutralization antibodies generated by the spike protein was already shown in the SARS study before that also bring you the side effect. That’s what we means the ADE. So you understand now . You just tell people something good, you don’t tell the bad side and common people they don’t understand. 

Jack:  Doctor one thing I want to ask you about we touched on this with somebody the other day or I had a discussion about it maybe you could explain it for our audience. The vaccine that’s been produced by China and also Russia is a vaccine that plays upon putting a little insert into the human cell to a sort of almost change the response. Is there any danger like for your own DNA, we’’ve heard stories that, maybe you shouldn’t have sexual relations for several weeks or months after getting this vaccine because of the introduction of it, perhaps even into human egg or the sperm cells.

Dr. Yan:  You mean the virus goes to the sperm, right? There are studies in china that show that when you get infected of SARS-CoV-2, later this sperm even get tested the virus.

Jack:  No, no I understand that, but it’s a , the vaccine could interrupt the actual fertilization process, right? You’re actually inserting a little chunk of DNA potentially into that, No? 

Dr. Yan:  If you are talking about vaccine, First now here we use some either inactivated vaccine, people said, or they use the attenuated one, using other vectors. So here, if they didn’t produce the poor quality inactivated vaccine, they don’t mix some still alive virus into their inactivated vaccine then this chance may be very little. Because that is just, as we know now happen when you are infected with the live virus during the pandemic but that doesn’t mean the vaccine won’t give you other side effects. Because just as we mentioned there are many mechanisms that vaccine can induce side effects when you get it injected, for example, it can’t face to the mutated virus. So can’t provide you enough protection. Because they don’t recognize the mutated one or maybe they could antibody-dependent enhancement which already we know in China just in their clinical trials. They are going to publish this data, they admit there are a lot of such ADE effect. But when we reviewed through Lude’s media , they quickly deleted this report. So this is coming from Shanghai and also professor Jin Dong-Yan in University of Hong Kong pointed out too, but government now doesn’t want to talk about it, deleted it. And also there may be the allergy effect and other things. That’s why we always emphasize that animal experiment is important and clinical (trials phase) 1, 2, 3 are important because it’s a process to let you evaluate the different aspects of the vaccine.

Reference : WAR ROOM pandemic 
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