What Big Tech Censorship Brings to America—On The Nov. 17 Senate Hearing

On Nov. 17, the Senate Judiciary committee held a hearing with Big Tech CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. 

During the hearing, Senator Josh Hawley asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to clarify if they used a “Tasks” platform to “communicate with their counterparts at Twitter and Google” and “coordinate their censorship efforts”, and if they had a tool called “Centra” to track Facebook users across the entire internet. Mark Zuckerberg mentioned “security related topics”, but didn’t directly answer the question whether they “communicate about individuals, websites, hashtags, phrases”, and refused to provide “a list of every mention of Google or Twitter on their platform”, or “a list of every website and hashtag that Facebook moderation teams have discussed banning on the ‘Tasks’ platform”. He also denied being familiar with “Centra” and refused to provide “a list of the number of the times Facebook employees have accessed users personal account information without their knowledge”. 

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson commented, “censorship doesn’t simply kill expression”, but also kills “thinking, innovation and wisdom”, it leads to “self-censorship” when people “stop asking questions, even of themselves”, “minds become narrower”, “they stop creating or dies”, and “science…becomes impossible”. 

This sounds too familiar and concerning to us Chinese people. Audiences of the senate hearing livestream commented “big techs are lying and should be trialed” and I couldn’t agree more. But why are they behaving so impudently and arrogantly? 

First, of course, they have money. They are billion-dollar companies that control a significant portion of the human wealth. They keep getting investments poured in and conduct projects that keep expanding this control. Second, they have years of experience and technology advantages. They believe their platforms or services are the best in the world. Third, they have built enormous user communities and bet their customers won’t leave in a short time. With that they have gained control of a bank of personal data. Fourth, they find it convenient to make excuses using “national security”, “racism”, partisan politics and Section 230, while they play a “double-standard”. Then, behind their curtains, they’ve got the support from their elite collaborators, the Wall Street, the media, Washington, and, most dangerously, the Chinese Communist Party. So, they could lie in the face of American people.

To every honest and decent person, this is excessively outrageous. 

The big techs seem to forget that they’ve got today’s achievements because they are in the great United States of America with its Constitution and the great American people. They’ve got the backup of the rule of law, freedom of speech, a market of fair and free competition and personal safety protected by the devoted fellow Americans. Ever remember the movie The Social Network? Facebook itself thrived from being protected by the laws and accepted by the ordinary people. Ten years later, Facebook is turning its back on all of them, lying to and manipulating them, breaking the elements that guaranteed its success in the past. 

On Nov. 5, Facebook banned a pro-Trump 365,000-member “Stop The Steal” public group.

But see what happened on Nov. 14? Thousands of people joined the “March for Trump” rally. 

This is just one example of how Facebook betrayed the public. They are using the tactics that the CCP has been imposing on the Chinese people for decades to censor the American people, block voices against them, misdirect public opinions, provoke civil conflicts, eliminate freedom of speech, implement dictatorship and enslave the deplorables, all for their own financial and political benefits. They are shaking the basis of the American society. It is just unacceptable to see them colluding with an evil CCP and sell out the future of their own people. This will lead America soon to be no different from Communist China.

The 2020 Election has made it quite clear that the big techs, the media and many others are taking advantage of the people for years, while, basically, depending on them. Without the people, they were not likely to succeed in the past, or even to steal the election today. Aren’t they gambling big, this time? 

But we think their behavior today can’t be coincidence. What they’ve done in the past will be revealed. There will be competent competitors and whistleblowers. They know this perfectly well. The CCP knows it too. That’s why they form a monopoly, make a last hard attempt to expand censorship and interfere this election. They are probably counting on their choice of president to continue to cover up for them or grand them convenience to be the game player. As for the common good, they don’t care. 

War Room Ep. 505

Ironically, as I’ve always wondered, what would have happened if these big tech people or main-stream media figures had grown up in Communist China? Ever wondered why some Chinese billionaires and the CCP “white gloves” ended up in the back alley of a Provence church or the bottom of the Yangtze River? Or how kids from decent Chinese families were abused and enslaved by the CCP? Or if any one in the CCP system could survive the brutality or frustration? 

If America is implemented socialism dictatorship and becomes the next Hong Kong or Communist China, what the Chinese people are suffering now is probably what they and their next generations will get in years to come, or even worse. Don’t assume there aren’t smart people like Mr. Zuckerberg or Mr. Dorsey in China. And don’t forget those people seldom enjoyed the freedom as in America. Any one who takes what they have for granted should view it from a different perspective. They may find how lucky they are and how heavy the American motto is. Also, don’t expect that this would be the last time they needed to play dirty and then they could get back on track. With a broken America, they won’t be able to or the CCP won’t allow them to. It would probably be the end of it. 

Fortunately, big techs may continue to ignore or deny the public opinion, and play evil, but they can not stop or silence the great American people. The enthusiasm at the Trump rallies and the 73 million Trump votes say it all.

War Room Ep. 503

The American laws are made based on the mutual benefits of the American people. Anything being done against them is against the laws. Any crimes conducted against the laws should be brought to the court and set right. The American people and the Chinese people are waking up. In this battle against the CCP and its collaborators, President Trump and his team, together with the New Federal State of China and the “Whistleblower Movement”, are fighting relentlessly and powerfully, for our kids, our future and humanity. At the end of the hearing segment, Senator Hawley nailed it by saying what the big techs were doing was “both totally unacceptable and totally predictable” and “it is time we took action”. Justice reigns, and the peoples will win. 

Please visit gnews.org and gtv.org for real news updates on the “Whistleblower Movement”, the New Federal State of China, the 2020 U.S. Election and the Hunter Biden Hard Drive from Hell. 

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