The NFSC Was the Brightest Star in the Pro-Trump Rally in Washington DC

In the short videos released on November 15, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo praised the brothers-in-Arms of NFSC who took part in the Pro-Trump Rally in Washington, D.C. He said that they were the brightest star in the rally, not only showing the image of the NFSC, but also winning unprecedented respect and decency for the Chinese. As for the future of the G series, Miles is also full of confidence and believes that the G series is the foundation of the NFSC. Without the G series, there would be no achievements today.


My brothers and sisters, it’s bustling these days, right? The great influence you showed yesterday in Washington DC was really impressive, including HIMALAYA M.O.S, Senior Leader Sara from Western US, A-Bing from Washington, D.C. and brothers-in-arms from all over the United States gathered in Washington, D.C.

Dear brothers and sisters, have you ever thought about it? When has China ever participated in such an event in the past 70 years? They were all paid to go there before, just a crowd of onlookers who took some photos for bragging and hanging at home and in the office. We were the brightest star in Washington, D.C. yesterday!

We NFSC were in the spotlight at the Washington Monument. We were the protagonist, the protagonist! But we were not only the protagonist, dear brothers and sisters, have you noticed that we have received special protection from the police everywhere. I heard that President Trump was deeply moved.

The most important is that we showed a side that the Chinese have never shown to Westerners. We can not only make dumplings or cook Chinese food, but also not as timid or selfish as they thought. No, we are not! We are brave and very intelligent, and very beautiful.

Many handsome guys and beautiful women were there and showed our image to the world yesterday. Though the media didn’t cover it, many people filmed the wonderful scenes. To be honest, the organization, performance and level of civilization showcased yesterday, from yesterday until now, have been bettering my understanding of the NFSC and the Chinese people in every moment. I am even telling myself all the time that I am too ignorant and too unconfident; we Chinese are so great!

Could you imagine that the Chinese would have such an opportunity to participate in actions like this a few years ago? In the past, when we talked about the WM, the NFSC, and all the world events, we were all talking on the sidelines. Now we are important participants, and we have even become an important part that can have an impact on the results.

Aren’t we awesome? Isn’t it great? Do you believe it now? When did the CCP have such decency and dignity among all mankind? GNEWS, GTV, and the NFSC are going global at a rocket speed and being recognized by people.

To what extent? Parler’s technology has collapsed, and it’s not working. I told him that the next version of Getter will reach 80% of Twitter. Now Getter has only reached 10% of Twitter, but in next version, the user experience of Getter may surpass that of Twitter, even totally slay Twitter. Let’s wait and see! Remember, this is all done by our BIAs! All done by them, our BIAs, brothers and sisters.

This selfie stick is really fun. Sometimes you really need to have fun; don’t be too rigid. So, GNEWS, GTV, Getter, GCLUBS, GFASION, GCOIN, and GDOLLAR are the foundation of the NFSC. If we didn’t have GFASION, GCLUBS, GNEWS, or GTV, how could we blow the whistle?  How could we set off any movement? How could we take down the CCP? By what? And how? All talk and no action can never work! Action, action, action!

Brothers and sisters! All those who took part in the rally on Nov.14 in Washington, D.C. and represented the NFSC to support President Trump’s reelection by law have made history once again. They have earned respect from the West and made Chinese people safer overseas.  This is invaluable beyond words can express.

Of How many people in Washington, D.C. and the world know about GTV, GNEWS?  How many people? Some people cried when they saw me yesterday, saying: “Oh, Miles, I was so touched when I knew about the NFSC. You have saved the world and saved the United States.”

course, I said that we were flattered.  These were compliments. We have to be humble, very humble. But my heart was greatly warmed. When have we NFSC and Chinese been treated like this before? Have you noticed our GFASION? “[Order] received, but sold out, sold out.” How many products were sold out?!

The bracelet of Star of Faith was sold out in a flash. In the beginning, the designer was the least confident in our logo. I said the logo means G forever. This logo represents our Whistleblower Movement, which will become an ancestor of human civilization, from the new beginning of the 21st century.

What is called an ancestor? The new height we have reached can be called the ancestor instead of being the initial one. The ancestor of modern civilization. Fashion is to be confident, and to be expressive of yourself. Why not? It turned out that all those with the logo of G forever were sold out and were the best-sellers.

GCLUBS members are doubling every day, and this is happening under the condition of the CCP’s total hooligan actions of blocking and threatening us by its national power. Let’s just thinks about it: How big will GTV and GNEWS become if we tear down the Great Firewall?

They really wanted to sell America’s Voice and Newsmax to us. Chris, the owner of Newsmax, we’ve known each other for a few years. He is also a member of Mar-a-Lago and wants to sell it to us today, but at a totally different price. No, we’ll never buy it. Why? We won’t get our money’s worth, so we’ll never do it. We can create from scratch, and make it the best of all. Dear brothers and sisters, you will see how awesome GTV, GNEWS, and Getter are.

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