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As informed by Limeng Yan’s reports and LUDEmedia, COVID19 is an unrestricted bioweapon virus made by Chinese Communist Party(CCP) in The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory(P4 Lab) in Wuhan Institute of Virology that has inflicted and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

The following is self-introduction of Wuhan Institute of Virology(WIV), Chinese Academy of Science(CAS).

WIV was a comprehensive research institute founded in 1956 that majored in virological basic research and related technological innovation. It’s WIV’s aim that to respond to strategic demand of national biosafety, population health and agricultural sustainable development, relying on CAS’s advanced biosafety labs groups platform, it concentrates on basic research and application basic research in the areas such as virology, renovative biotechnology, biosafety and so forth. Try best to make breakthrough in the foremost scientific issues of pathogen research of emerging and heavily infectious diseases, enhance capabilities of technological innovation, system integration and technology transformation significantly and improve sci & tech support compacity of urgent response to emerging and suddenly incurred infectious diseases. Give birth to worldwide impacted original achievement, construct national biosafety sci & tech thinktank, build bases that is advanced internationally for virology research, talent development and sci & tech innovation, realise overall great leap forward in the institute’s sci & tech innovation and become a comprehensive virology and biosafety research institute that is advanced internationally.

In WIV CAS’s Centre For Biosafety MEGA-Science of was co-founded by CAS, National Health Commission(NHC) and Hubei Provincial Government(HPG) of the People’s Republic of China(PRC) and its establishment plan was approved in November 2018.

As far as science research arrangement is concerned, there are molecular virology and pathology research centres, analytical microbiology and nanobiology research centres, microbial bacteria poison resources and applications centres and emerging infectious diseases research centres. There are 34 groups of research subjects. It has China’s first biosecurity (level 4) laboratory in formal operation, NHS designated “national preservation centre” i.e. microbial bacteria species preservation centre, national African swine fever regional laboratory, national key virology laboratory (co-built with Wuhan University), joint open laboratory of China-Dutch-French invertebrate virology, CAS  high pathogenic pathogen biology and biosafety key laboratory, Hubei Province HIV initial screening laboratory, Hubei Province virus disease engineering technology research centre and other research and technology platforms. China’s only “China Virus Specimen Museum” with modern exhibition means, also one of first series of “Example Bases of Sci & Tech Campaign of National Youth Stepping into Scientific World”, was founded. The English-language journal Virologica Sinica(VS), sponsored by WIV, is included in international authoritative databases of SCI, PubMed, etc., with an impact factor of 2.467 in 2019. At the same time, WIV is also s also the affiliated unit of Hubei Province & Wuhan Society of Microbiology and Youth Working Committee of Chinese Society of Immunology.

Organization structure

There’re five offices including general office, organization human resource office, scientific research plan office, treasury office and graduate student’s office established in the management function. There are technology support departments including Wuhan National Biosafety Lab, Public Technology Service Centre, Internet Information Centre, VS Editorial Department established in the support function.

WIV has two first-level training centres for graduate students in biology and basic medicine, and five second-level training centres for graduate students in biochemistry and molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, pathogenic biology, biology and medicine. Besides, there are two post-doctoral research stations in biology and basic medical science. There are 325 graduate students.

WIV has a high-level research team mainly composed of young and middle-aged people. There are currently 268 employees, from which both Top Hundred Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents, young top talents under the “Ten Thousand Plan”, Hundred Thousand and Ten Thousand Project, winners of the “National Outstanding Youth Fund”, “Middle and Young Tech Leaders” designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, those in the payroll of “Special Government Allowance of the State Council”, the “Specially Recruited Researcher” of CAS, the outstanding members of the “Youth Innovation Promotion Association” of CAS and other ethical and intelligent academic leaders stand out and emerge in the international academic arena.

WIV will, by adhering to “seeking truth and being pragmatic, uniting and cooperating, being brave in innovation, and pursuing excellence”, create the glory of science and technology in the motherland in a quiet, beautiful and harmonious scientific research environment, and strive to make greater contributions to the development of virology and national economy building in my country.

P4 Lab Construction Finished

On 27 November 2018,CCP P4 Lab Construction Finish was verified and witnessed by CAS Deputy Chief and P4 Lab verification committee chief Zhang Tao who also delivered words here, National Nature Science Foundation academician Chen Yiyu, Huazhong Agricultural University academician Chen Huanchun,CCP Military Academy of Science academician Jin Ningyi and other experts of CCP.  Experts agreed on passing the verification of P4 Lab Completion.

(Construction Verification Committee experts are touring Wuhan P4 Lab)

CCP accounted for a WIV lab’s expenditure under the name of Important Labs & Relevant Structures (ILRS) as evidenced by the following pictures extracted from CAS website.

CCP fiscal budget is classified into basic budget and project budget. Project budget is for expenditure on infrastructure construction, special affair plan, special business expenses, large repairment, large procurement, large meeting expenses and others not accounted for as basic expenditures.

The following table graph, which depicted the 3Es (i.e. economy, efficiency and effectiveness) assessment result of P4 Lab fund outlay, indicated P4 Lab’s expenditure is accounted for under the name “Material Science Projects”.

The Overall budget performance result of CAS in 2017

The Overall budget performance result of CAS in 2018

The Overall budget performance result of CAS in 2019

There were consecutive spending increases on these two items from 2017 to 2019. In 2019, when the coronavirus was accomplished and released, actual spending accounted for under the 2 items jumped to CNY4.1 billion.

After extensive search, fiscal information of the WIN and P4 Lab themselves hasn’t been found so only the information above is available to analyze.  Besides, CCP sometimes may classify expenditure into false budget items intentionally or unintentionally.

Author: CPA Jim

(The above only represents the author’s opinion)

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