CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP298 (Nov 18, 2020)[En Sub/Dub]

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  • Big Tech likes big government. They like big regulation because it keeps new entrants out. Congress has to take an action on both privacy and Section 230.
  • An explosion occurred at a pharmaceutical company in Jinggangshan. Two missing and six injured.
  • The Xiamen government claimed that the virus was detected in only one sample of frozen pork. However, the Education Bureau urgently notified all students of the city not to leave the city.
  • 65 staff at the WHO’s headquarter tested positive for the CCP virus.
  • Navarro: If those results (Clinical data of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines) would come out before the election, that would’ve had a material effect on the election.
  • The irony is the party that talks about unity and inclusion is actually the party that doesn’t believe in it.
  • The strategy for election lawsuits is focused on the Dominion software and the poll watchers.

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