【Hong Kong News】24 Canadian Parliamentarians from Across Party Lines Write to Foreign Minister Urging 12 Hong Kongers to be “Diplomatic Priorities”

Translator: EA; Reviewer: Wencheng

According to【Stand News】, the 12 Hong Kongers have been detained in China for 86 days and the incident continues to receive international attention. Today, 24 Canadian Parliamentarians from across party lines sent a letter to Canadian Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne, asking that the case of the 12 Hong Kongers be made a diplomatic priority, that the 12 be allowed to return to Hong Kong, and that they are guaranteed access to lawyers of their choice and to their families.

A cross-party group of 24 legislators wrote a letter to François-Philippe Champagne, saying that the international community must pay close attention to the 12 Hong Kongers and put pressure on the Chinese government, otherwise Beijing will only further use the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law to suppress the democratic movement in Hong Kong and send more protesters to China for unfair trials.

The joint lawmakers pointed out that five of the 12 Hong Kongers have BNO or dual citizenship, which proves that the Chinese government is increasingly using the detention of nationals of other countries as a bargaining chip to engage in “hostage diplomacy” and that the international community must stand up against China’s coercive diplomacy and arbitrary detention of foreigners. They urged François-Philippe Champagne to ask Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Beijing to ensure that the 12 can return to Hong Kong, make sure that they have access to legal representation of their choice, they can contact their families, and they have access to necessary medicine.

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