Closing The Border And Locking The People- 2021, The Post-Virus Era Of The Communist China

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November 17, 2020

On August 11, 2020, according to Xinhua News Agency’s Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter), “Xinhua Viewpoint” report, Xi Jinping gave a critical comment to stop food waste: “It’s shocking and distressing!”, November 12, 2020: “Yin Chengji, deputy director of the National Immigration Administration, stated on the 12th that the National Immigration Administration strictly controls unnecessary cross-border activities for foreigners to prevent importing virus. It strictly examines and approves applications for entry-exit documents for non-essential reasons such as travels by Chinese citizens, and discourages and restricts non-essential and non-urgently-needed entry and exit activities such as travel, visiting relatives, and friends of mainland residents.”

On January 16, 2020, according to a Red Star News report: “In recent days, it has been frequently exposed that the new coronavirus has been detected in the outer packaging of imported cold chain food. Red Star News reporters combed through official notifications from various localities and found that imported cold chain foods and their outer packaging were found to be positive or weakly positive for the new coronavirus in 12 places in the seven days from November 10 to November 16. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control today, how can imported cold chain products prevent contamination by the new coronavirus? For products exported from countries with severe epidemics, should the “circuit breaker” mechanism also be implemented?”

On November 17, 2020, Wang Qishan delivered a keynote speech at the 2020 Innovation Economy Forum: “Since last year, the international situation has become more complicated. The more difficult times, the more we must stand together. The international community should demonstrate its determination to uphold common interests and pursue common goals through concrete actions .”

What kind of signals are sent by the above four news articles of Communist China? Miles Guo’s followers and the people of the New Federal States of China who participate in the Whistleblower Movement can all interpret it: they want to close the border and lock the people down! Why is it not closing the country only? Because the land is here, closing or opening, it is always in such deep fog and haze, never moving, not increasing or decreasing for an inch. Only Chinese people, the Lao Baixing whom Mr. Bannon remembers every day in the War Room, will be the ones locked within the border!

Quoting a commentary from Radio Free Asia: “As of the end of March 2020, our net foreign exchange reserves were only US$966.0 billion (30,606.33-20946), which is the lowest value in the past ten years and the first time that our net foreign exchange reserves fell below 1 trillion. U.S. dollars.” In other words, the CCP’s net foreign exchange reserves are nearly exhausted.

To save foreign exchange, CCP must first start with reducing food imports. The virus raged at the beginning of this year, and many farmers missed the early spring planting; this summer, most grain-producing areas in the south and even the northeast were flooded, and more farmers missed the midsummer planting. In the autumn harvest season, the few remaining grain reserves must first supply the stability maintenance forces – the military, the polices, and the security guards. Usually, the total amount of grain imported and smuggled by the CCP is about one-third of the total amount of domestically produced grain. The CCP’s foreign exchange reserves have bottomed out. Although it has been buying soybeans, rice, and other agricultural products from the United States and other countries in recent months, such a large amount of imported grain will not last long. Since August, Xi Jinping has repeatedly mentioned saving food publicly, revealing a strong signal. Under the circumstance of insufficient food production in China, food imports will also be reduced or even stopped due to foreign exchange shortages. The food shortage will inevitably cause large-scale panic and dissatisfaction among the Chinese people, and in turn, will shake the rationality of the Communist Regime’s rule. Therefore, the Chinese Communist government must do everything possible to save foreign exchange for importing agricultural products.

In the same way, imported food is also a significant consumption of foreign exchange. “In seven days, imported cold chain foods and their outer packaging are positive or weakly positive for the new coronavirus in 12 locations.” The news killed two birds with one stone. The first is to make the Chinese people afraid of importing cold-chain food from now on. The CCP government can reduce or even prohibit the import of cold-chain food, thereby saving a lot of foreign exchange; the second is to instill a concept for the Chinese people that the virus is easy to spread. Survival in imported cold chain food, that is, the virus was likely to originate from seafood or beef in some foreign country, and had nothing to do with the CCP!

Following the logic of saving foreign exchange, the CCP government will likely use the virus as an excuse to gradually restrict citizens who consume foreign exchange from traveling abroad or even studying abroad. That is, close the border and lock the people down. So what are the benefits to the CCP’s rule by closing the border and locking the people?

First of all, it can prevent people from learning the truth about the coronavirus. From the beginning of 2020, the CCP created, concealed, and released the new coronavirus and launched a biochemical war against Western countries led by the United States. Since January 19, 2020, the founders of the Whistleblower Movement, Miles Guo, Dr. Limeng Yan, Lude Media, and all fighting soldiers in the New Federal State of China have done their best to expose the truth about the virus and save the people of the world, including Americans and Chinese. They suggest everyone use hydroxychloroquine and don’t blindly believe the vaccines without the test for Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). The coronavirus will not disappear if CCP is not be eliminated. However, under the brainwashing of the CCP’s traditional media and the blocking by the rugged Great Firewall, most Chinese people cannot know the truth about the virus; that is, they cannot see the CCP’s evil essence.

Furthermore, banning from leaving the country can prevent the Chinese people from learning the truth about the U.S. election. While the CCP launched a biochemical war against the United States, it has also continuously launched information wars, media wars, legal wars, and financial wars to weaken, mess up, and bring down the United States. At the same time, for decades, it has continued its BGY plan against celebrities, elites, and politicians in Washington, Wall Street, technology giants, Hollywood, education, etc. By deeply colluding with corrupt elements in the Democratic and Republican parties, CCP used the backdoor of the Dominion voting system, ineligible mailing votes, and other means to interfere and rig the U.S. election. Recently, the exceptionally talented barristers headed by Mr. Giuliani, Ms. Powell, and Mr. Lin Wood are using the FISA court to conduct litigation investigations against foreign interference in the election. President Trump announced on November 17 that he would implement the crackdown on the CCP before the end of the current presidential term. It can expect that President Trump will win the election with a very high number of electoral votes. However, in Communist China, all the media are propagating that Biden is about to be elected. If Trump wins, he would be the one who stole the election. With such lies, CCP is trying to weaken the credibility of President Trump and the Trump administration.

More importantly, closing the border can prevent important people from escaping. Miles Guo fled Communist China in 2014. Since January 2017, he has started the Whistleblower Movement for more than three years, awakening countless Americans and conscientious Chinese at home and abroad, and established the New Federal State of China in Manhattan on June 4, 2020. Dr. Limeng Yan and other righteous scientists fled to the United States and Europe, along with those in the CCP who escaped with classified information, caused fatal harm to the Chinese Communist regime. The CCP can no longer withstand the escape of more righteous people.

Finally, closing the border and locking the people is equivalent to holding 1.4 billion hostages. The CCP is well aware that it is sinful and will be eliminated soon. The 1.4 billion hostages are a weapon that is more powerful than viruses and nuclear bombs. Let’s see what Americans who always advocate human rights do to us? The CCP is not afraid of food shortages because the people can eat grass for a couple of years. It is also not afraid of revealing the truth of viruses and interference with the U.S. election because of the Great Firewall. It is also not afraid of people making trouble because it has always been good at fooling, weakening, tiring, humiliating, and impoverishing Chinese people.

How can we eliminate this mighty, evil, and giant red dragon and save the world’s people in crisis? What is the answer? We need to closely follow Mr. Guo, strengthen the power of the New Federal State of China, fully develop G-series platforms and products, support President Trump’s re-election, and promote the draining of internal swamps in the United States. In that way, we can expect that, with the joint effort of the United States, the comrade-in-arms in the CCP, and the New Federal State of China, the Chinese Communist Party will be taken down just around the corner!

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