Sky News’ Alan Jones: this election is ‘far from over’

On November, 17, 2020, Sky News host Alan Jones held a short interview with Miranda Devine, a New York Post columnist, on issues over vote fraud in the US presidential election.

He started the interview by stating that this election is ‘far from over’. After plenty of evidences of voter fraud have surfaced, President Donald Trump’s legal team just revealed more evidence which shows that the Dominion Voting System is capable of vote switching.

Indisputable evidence of voter fraud

Mr. Giuliani, who leads Trump’s legal team, said that he’s got 100,000 ballots arriving in Detroit at 4:30 in the morning, and every single of them are checked for Biden. He also said that these illegal ballots were set to overturn the election result and they have been documented.

Miranda added that 2,600 uncounted votes were discovered from one of the Dominion voting systems and most of them were checked for Donald Trump.

She also said that, the legal warfare between the Republicans and Democrats is seemingly heading all the way up to the Supreme Court, and the result will not be clear until December 14th when the constitutional vote will be finalised to decide who is to be sworn in as the next President of the United States.

What was unusual about the election results so far is that apart from the presidential vote, the Democrats did not actually win anything, which by itself is indicative a voter fraud as most voters tend to vote along party lines.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi may not be the Speaker for much longer

Current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is possibly getting outstood from the speakership by her democratic peer- Hakeem Jeffries. Miranda stated that Nancy Pelosi is on shaky territory and recent polls showed that republicans picked up 12 seats from the Democrats and 3 more are still in contention.

In the previous speakership vote, 15 Democrats voted against Nancy’s speakership, most of them are returning to this congress. If they vote the same way, Nancy Pelosi is a goner.

Alan concluded that, it is extraordinary to note that the republicans won all the seats in the House and are likely to win control again the senate, plus they have majority of the governorships, but all of these indicate exactly opposite to the vote counts of this presidential election.

President Trump is the likely winner, after all the Americans are with him

In my opinion, the infightings within the Democrats will keep deteriorating before the next speaker is decided. Whether the Democratic Party will maintain its old progressive policies, or a long overdue transform will finally arrive, it will probably take quite a while for the Democrats to win back the confidence of its traditional voters.

At the same time, President Trumps’ legal team is expected to reveal new evidence on the voter fraud and delegate its lawyers to file a series of lawsuits against the Democrats at the same time; the historical Million MAGA March in Washington DC spelt out who the Americans want as their President for the next four years.

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