Is Human Nature Good or Evil? – Part 1

Today we are going to talk about an interesting topic about human nature, and what is the meaning of it?

First, we must understand the human history, which is more important than the history of entire Chinese nation and beyond human races. Throughout the human history, the world shares something in common that is the history of degeneration. It degenerated from the ancient divinity to humanity. Divinity is worship of Cosmos and God that means religion or learning from God. We call it the unity of the Cosmos and human beings because at that time, our Chinese nation was in the mixed habitation of God and human beings in the remote antiquity Kunlun Mountain. We have all heard of Queen Mother of the West, FuXi and NuWa, they were all from that time of divinity. But gradually mankind began to degenerate. It happened in the West as well. Everything started in the Garden of Eden that also belonged to divinity, and with the expansion of self-consciousness, mankind degenerated to humanity, but still tried to be good people no matter what. This is the typical Confucianism which focuses on altruism, righteousness, social customs, wisdom, and trustworthiness, all of which are the standard of human being. Anyone who does not abide these is not really a human being.

Humanity is slowly extended over time, especially through the successive Kings of the ruling class over the ages. At this point, we have to mention Shang Yang, a great sinner of the Chinese nation. His “Book of Lord Shang” was a logical ideology that contributed to the successive emperors’ stay in power. What is the core of Shang Yang Ideology? It is that there is only one kind of people needed in the whole country that are for plow and war. During the peace time, people plough as salves or farmers to make money, and during the war time, same group of people fight as soldiers or weapons in the battle. The ruling class is committed to militarism with the logic of one kind of people only who are mindless minions, like robots and slaves. People should have no thoughts, as long as they have a good life and live in peace and contentment; in fact it has no difference of raising pigs in a pigsty. To achieve this, they have a series of supporting measures and have blocked all the rest of people’s way to a better life. For example, if you can make a good living by doing business, he will kill all the businessmen, like what MAO did. If you are educated and can make money by lecturing, he will destroy intellectuals in particular. Why did Emperor Qin burn books and bury scholars, because he wanted to turn the people into pigs. But a truly educated person wanted to enlighten the people, and it was against him, so he would remove those people who were elites in various fields. If you were the intellectual thinker, especially intelligent, you would be killed to prevent you from spreading the wisdom. If you were a swordsman knowing Kung Fu, either you would be arrested and killed as a robber or a bandit, or you would be recruited as a soldier to kill disobedient people or to kill foreign enemies for him.  In particular, they liked to launch military invasions to fight outward. In their words, they killed two birds with one stone, killing the strong enemy from the outside and the strong people from the inside. If you won the fight, you killed the strong enemy and stole more lands and slaves; if you lost the fight and you got killed, no one could threaten him. This is the core concept of Shang Yang Ideology. Another concept is to use the Evil to control the good, so the officials must be the most evil ones to suppress the good people. Since Qin, China has been in this kind of centralized and unified dynasty with tyrannical and totalitarian ideologies.

Out of the competition of ideas, Shang Yang Ideology belongs to legalism. The wickedness of the past few thousand years in China is a mechanism of reverse elimination. Those who have ideas must be killed, and those who spread truth must be strangled. All left are rubbish people, cheaters can casually cheat, deceit and theft can randomly happen and those who do good things must be killed. Especially after the Song dynasty, all the elite of Chinese nation were wiped out, and there was no China after the so-called Yashan. The evil of the Chinese Communist Party is that they are very good at applying this evil mechanism, but disguising how evil they are. The foundation of tyranny and totalitarianism is Shang Yang Ideology, the core of which is one kind of people only in the whole country, and the five skills of controlling people are just the strategies. Is that what the CCP is doing now? They are blocking you all the ways to get rich. You cannot get rich in doing business. There is only one way you can make money is to sell yourself, and aid and abet its system. Once you are involved and become its minion, you will make fortunes and lead a good life, but everything else will be dried up, strangled and wiped out.

Mankind has degenerated from divinity to humanity, that is Confucianism, the good part of which is to make you a good person, but the part that has been tampered with is to enslave you to be a minion without any resistance. Then they made a civil-service examination system, the only way of securing an official position, that is “excel in study can follow an official career”. Mao also established literary inquisition, and you were considered offensive and put for imprisonment or execution if you wrote something bad about him. It is extremely dark without any freedom of speech. People have been fooled, enslaved and reinforced with this brainwash education, so it is a history of degeneration. Confucianism focuses on brainwash education and legalism focuses on Shang Yang Ideology, together of which is “Outside Confucian; Inside Legalist”. From outside, it looks gentle, that is Confucianism, but it is Pseudo-Confucianism, the enslaving education; from inside, it is legalism style, Shang Yang Ideology. This is the Chinese monarchy that has been in place for thousands of years, and we must see clearly what is fundamentally wrong with this system.

To be continued!


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/11/18

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