Our Brothers-in-Arms Have Made History in Those 13 Days

In the live broadcast on November 11, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo gave the brothers-in-arms (BIAs) of the Whistleblower Movement kudos for their great effort in the Epic War during the 13 days per-election. He believed that his BIAs had made history in those 13 days. A Google insider disclosed that during those 13 days, the searches for Chinese information, GTV and GNEWS information broke the all-time record.

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“Brothers and sisters, why do we say in the battle against those pro-democracy phonies and the CCP, we are 100% going to win? They are all fake, we are genuine. In truth we trust. As long as we adhere to truth, we will always win, no one can stop us. 

This time, the biggest winner in the world, of all mankind, is the Whistleblower Movement. People around me, my friends, those in my fund, they all said that Biden would win. You have no idea how terrible it was. On Nov. 2, 3, 4, as I told you, several critical international political partners, people that are behind supporting the New Federal State of China said: it’s all gone and Biden will win. They are stunned now. Yesterday, they said “it’s over, it’s over”. Looking at Arizona, Georgia, LA, North Carolina, they felt everything was lost. In the evening, seeing the votes in the senate and the house, they said “it’s over, it’s lost”. 

Trump won 2016 under a circumstance like that. This time, he will win, because of you, our BIAs in the WM. You’ve made the last 13 days a great event. 

I can tell you, on our GTV, there were 170 million requests, hundreds of thousands IPs. On the day I was broadcasting, there were 185 million requests, 230,000 IPs. It showed 230,000 online viewers and 185 million requests. But in China, our insiders told me the real number. We definitely had over 300 million viewers. What does this mean? The number of views is in hundreds of millions. In the U.S., almost all states, counties know GTV. All of them know GTV. 

A deputy director in Google, a Chinese from Taiwan, our Taiwan compatriot, keeps in contact with me the whole time. He said, in those 13 days, searches for Chinese information, GTV and GNEWS information broke the all-time record. 

Always remember, I’ve been saying this for three years, whether for the Lude media, or our VOG, or those several good channels of our Brothers-in-arms, there’s not enough high-quality programs. Now “I Am Sing-ro” is getting better. But the statistics of these programs  100% have been manipulated. Our G-translators, ever since it went online and started on YouTube, 

according a YouTube insider, 99% of its statistics were taken away. 

Let’s wait and see. Wait till the end of this Election. We will not let them get away. Just look at my statistics, statistics about Miles Guo. It’s the most sensitive now, even more than terrorists. See what potential we have in the future?  See how much influence we have! My BIAs, you have written human history in these 13 days!”

Translator:【GM65】 Proofreader:【Winston Jackson】Subtitle:【Pamila(文明)】Transcript:【重生】【文灵】【文所未闻】Video transcoding:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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